Why Some Computer Mice Look Similar

Why Some Computer Mice Look Similar

PC users often face some challenges in choosing an accessory, a computer mouse. The wide price range, with the seeming external similarity of manipulators, is questionable.

The main thing in this matter is understanding the purpose of this device (for the gaming platform or the usual workflow).


The difference in connectivity

The difference in connectivity

There are two types of the mouse connected to a computer device – wired and wireless.

The first is the connection with a conventional cable and induction method.

The disadvantage of this type is only one – a short wire length from 0.5 to 1.7 m. The minimum cost of such a gadget – 89 p. (Ritmix ROM-111 BLACK), one of the maximum – 4300 p. (Logitech G403 Hero).

The wire is connected to a mat that looks like a small graphics tablet in the induction version, and the mouse glides over it. It may not have a battery and is powered by a mat in an induction way. Prices start at 835 p. (A4Tech NB-30).

The second type includes connections: infrared (IF), radiofrequency – up to 2.45 Hz (RF), via Bluetooth (BL) or Wi-Fi (VF).

Wireless connectivity attracts convenience, but the range in the budget version is limited to 3-5 m.

All gadgets (RF, IF, BL, VF) can connect in two ways: communication with stationary PCs they carry out the help of special adapters and laptops through built-in modules Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Their drawback is power from batteries or batteries, which need to be replaced periodically.

The price difference for simple and gaming devices is BL – 500-5000 p. (Logitech G G502 Hero), WF – 400-4000 p.


The difference in the quality of materials

Conventional plastic accessories of any type are cheaper, but the palm’s grip on the surface of such a device is weak.

The most convenient gadget with a body of rubberized, metallic plastic or Soft Touch.

This accessory (e.g., MOUSE game STEELSERIES Sensei 310 Ambidextrous) has advantages: easy cleaning, no fingerprints visible on the surface, good grip. Price range from 3 to 6 thousand p.


The difference in the optical resolution of mice

The higher the sensitivity, the more accurate the positioning of the cursor. An 800-1200 DPI accessory is suitable for simple drawings and text, and 1600-7000 DPI for virtual gamers.

Professionals working with animation, complex graphics programs need 2000 DPI or more.

Wired gadget HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro RGB, with a resolution of 16 thousand DPI, costs about 3500 p. It is better to buy such an accessory than to use wireless devices with 1600-2000 DPI for the same price.


There are “chips.”

In modern equipment often add elements of decor, increasing the cost but not carrying technical significance.

It can be a variety of lights. There is no need to overpay for a wink, which then has to be turned off during games to not interfere with the process.

Even simple gadgets Ritmix ROM-111 and Defender Classic MB differ for 89 vs. 280 p.

Another innovation is the fingerprint scanner. It is necessary for those users who have the majority of financial transactions related to customer recognition by zR code.

The Xiaomi Smart Fingerprint wired mouse with this scanner costs about 2000 p.

The average user should not overpay for an unnecessary supplement. Sometimes it is better to buy for the same price a specialized mouse under the arm (left-handed, right-handed).

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