What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

What is a Memory Foam Mattress

When choosing a mattress we must choose the one that best suits your health and rest always looking for suitable support for your back, good ventilation and easy maintenance.

Viscoelastic foam mattresses is a new product that lately has a great acceptance among the public, for its maximum adaptability to the body and very fluffy touch.

Its main advantage is the high adaptability to the body in a gradual way and a very soft and cozy touch. Its big drawback is the price, which on good quality mattresses is usually quite high, but we can find cheap mattresses just looking for a little online.

Viscoelastic foam mattresses are able to relieve day-to-day stresses by conforming to the body contour by creating a perfect mould around the body.

It is a material developed by NASA for astronauts (they did not use it for sleep, they used it in launches to withstand the force of gravity they suffered on takeoff).


Differences Between Latex and Viscoelastic Mattresses


Many people confuse them, but they are very different, latex is an elastic material (like rubber) that comes out of the resin of a tree and therefore has the problems derived from it. They weigh a lot, with moisture attacked by bacteria and therefore we have to turn the mattress around from time to time. It is an overrated product by the market.

Viscoelastic is a viscous, adaptable and elastic material and does not have the problems of latex. It adapts much better to the contour of the body and produces very little vibration of movement.


How do I Distinguish a Latex Mattress From a Viscoelastic Mattress?

To differentiate a latex mattress from one of a memory foam mattress quickly, we can do so by squeezing in the centre of a mattress. If it is latex the walls of the surface are inclined to its elasticity, but if we do it in one of viscoelastic would only enter the hand because the adaptability is better.


Why Buy a Mattress Online?

An online store today has the same guarantees as a physical store, with the advantage that online stores can offer impossible prices for a physical store. Online stores are much cheaper than physical stores, as their expenses are lower, and they significantly reduce intermediaries. It is also open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Just choose the mattress model that best suits our tastes and add it to the shopping cart. In a few days, we will receive the order at home.

In addition, when buying a mattress online we can find online shops, which are both physical stores. This gives a plus of security to the customer, as we know they will be there in case there are any problems for example.

Buying mattresses online is a trend that will undoubtedly grow in the coming years, given the great savings that come with the final consumer and the few logistical problems of sending a mattress.

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