Supriya Kamath

I'm here because I lost my Mother, 1 year ago. What I miss the most is, her Infectious laughter and joie de vivre. Irrespective of how her day was she would excitedly smiling come to open the door when we came back home from work to ask us how our day was . This is something we dint realise we will come to miss so much after she’s no more with us - a simple how was your day with a brilliant happy smile . There are so many ways she would show us love without even telling us I love you and care about you . This was one such way I miss .

I used to love her preparation of tendli ( tendli talassan) a preparation with garlic red chilies and salt slow roasted to perfection. Whenever she would make it I would end up coming to visit her . One day when I greedily gobbled all the tendli s she kept smiling at me . After I finished she asked me if I liked it and then said she had saved it for me and even she likes the dish very much . Till then I never knew that even she liked that preparation. I always thought it was made for me

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