How to Remove Odors From Air Conditioning

How to Remove Odors From Air Conditioning

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, an air conditioner smells bad when we turn it on. That bad smell may be due to poor installation, or some kind of external problem. To remove odors from the air conditioning we must resort to homemade products or tricks.

The most common problems with odor in an air conditioner are dirty filters, poor installation, dirty filters, an air freshener that ends up creating a bad smell or a strong odor source.


How to Remove Odors From Air Conditioning |Step By Step

Dirty Filters

Dirty Filters

A very common cause of odors in the air conditioning is dirty filters. We often forget to maintain the air conditioner at least once a year. Filter cleaning is a very important thing for our equipment to run smoothly. The air conditioner smells bad when we do not perform preventive maintenance and the filters are not cleaned. Particles that stay in the filters result in different bacteria appearing causing odours. In addition, the filters are saturated with dirt and the particles sneak into the air conditioning unit, depositing in the exchanger, drain tray and fan.

When dust particles have passed the filter and are in the inner exchanger, cleaning is much more expensive and difficult.


Poor Installation

When installing an air conditioner, the most important point to avoid odors in the air conditioner is the installation of the drain, since the drain tray must have slope so that the water comes out and does not get stuck in the tray. Over time it will start to smell bad water stagnant in the tray.

Also, it is very important that the drain has a siphon, to prevent the smells of the drain from going up the pipe and when we turn on the air conditioning will spread it throughout the room.


A Good Smell Creates a Bad Smell

If your air conditioner is clean, with up-to-date maintenance, but still smelly, a good idea is to check if you’re using air fresheners, incense, sprinklers or any type of air freshener.

We should never use air fresheners as soon as we have an air conditioner on. At first, this type of odors smell very good, but when passing several times through the filters and inside the equipment the odor will be unbearable when the machine starts working and we will have to clean the AC ducts.


How to Remove Odors from Air Conditioning

To eliminate odors from air conditioning, first of all, we must clean the filters and the ventilation turbine if it is dirty, with a brush.

To eliminate odor we can resort to home remedies or professional products.

There are products on the market that will remove the odor from air conditioning eliminating odors from fermentation and metabolites produced by microorganisms housed in air conductions. Quality products have a low level of toxicity and high efficacy.

The home option to remove the odor from the air conditioning of the indoor unit is to use reduced bleach with water using a bottle and sprayer with a mixture of 1/4 of the container with 3/4 water bleach.

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