How to Choose Electric Bed Warmer

How to Choose Electric Bed Warmer

For sleeping, the ideal sleeping temperature varies from person to person and is different in both men and women. That’s why that’s often one of the main problems that need to be negotiated when you live as a couple.

The ideal temperature of the room when we sleep is between 15 degrees and 22 degrees. More heat or colder will make us have trouble sleeping.

These days it looks like the cold is here to stay. Temperatures are coming down. The bed despite looking very comfortable and warm can become very cold in winter. To solve this problem we can resort to bed warmer devices.


What is An Electric Bed Warmer?

Electric bed warmer

An electric bed warmer or electric blanket is a blanket, which by means of an electrical system keeps the bed warm allowing us to rest much better. They even exist on the market for washable bed warmers. Bed warmers are energy efficient items, so energy consumption is not a worrying thing in this type of item.

How is a bed heater made?

Bed warmers are blankets with an electrical system made of thin internal cables that make it possible for the bed to heat up evenly.


Tips for Buying a Good Electric Bed Warmer

We must take into account a series of points when buying a good electric bed warmer.

One of the most important points to buy a good bed warmer is to make sure that the product has a safety certificate and is approved by the EC. It is important to emphasize that regardless of the country where all bed warmers have been manufactured they must have a safety certificate. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase electric bed warmers in Bricolemar or shops of recognized prestige.

Take voltage into account. This will help us know what the consumption of the bed heater will be. The higher the voltage, the more temperature the blanket can reach.

Bed warmer fabric. There are many types of tissues, and perhaps some may be more pleasant to us than others. The tissue from which it is composed is important if we are allergic to some type of tissue.

The electric blankets have a switch, which allows you to choose different temperature levels. In addition, there are bed warmers large enough to be used in a double bed. The most comfortable double bed devices have 2 controls that allow each member of the couple to regulate the temperature of their area.


How do I Use a Bed Warmer?

Ideally, preheat the bed before going to sleep to bring the bed to a suitable temperature before bedtime. We must make responsible use with the use of bed heaters and should not be abused.

Normally the time it takes to heat a bed is about 5 minutes. So before going to your bed, it is advisable to turn on the bed warmer a little time before going to sleep, so that when you enter the bed we will find a pleasant temperature that will help us to sleep.

These devices can be used for any bed, although we do not recommend it for people with disabilities, children and the elderly who may forget about it. Since there would be no risk to our health if we turned it on to heat the bed and then, once lying down, turned it off. The danger lies in keeping it on at night in contact with our body 7-8 consecutive hours each day.

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