How to Choose a Mouse for your Laptop, PC or TV

How to Choose a Mouse for your Laptop, PC or TV

Unlike consoles, which come standard with the rigour knob to enjoy the best titles, certain peripherals make all the difference if you’re going to play on PC. One of them is the mouse. Although we are worth “anyone”, a gaming mouse offers several exciting competitive advantages for those who spend hours in front of the screen. In this game mouse purchase guide, we discuss what to consider when choosing a complete and diverse selection of mice to play with. Start!

What to consider when choosing a mouse

Under such a small device are hidden, several features that will mark our gaming experience. While some features such as lighting have a purely aesthetic contribution, others are key to delivering higher performance in our games.

Optical or laser sensor?

Optical or laser sensor

The controversial theme that divides the juicers. Although laser-sensor mice generally offer more precision in dots per inch, mice with optical sensor offer more control at high speeds.

Although this difference is in imperceptible practice for everyday activities, in situations where all possible precision is required while moving with speed – as can be in FPS games – they will appreciate more a model with an optical sensor.

However, the surfaces on which the mouse works also influence both control and speed. After clarifying this point, it’s time to delve into something we’ve already named in passing: dots per inch.



Before we begin, we want to make a subsection: the term DPI – an acronym that comes from Dots Per Inch or dots per inch – comes from the world of printers and refers to dots per inch counted in a straight line by an image that is capable of detecting a sensor. In this sense, it would be more correct to use the ICC – an acronym for Counts Per Inch – the steps that the mouse records when walking an inch. However, while all manufacturers detail IPRs, only some provide ICC data; for this reason, we will use IPR.

IPRs refers to the maximum speed of the pointer offset on the screen about our hand’s movement. In short, the higher the DPI, the less you have to move the mouse so that the cursor moves around the screen.

And how does this affect me on the pitch? If I need to have precise control of the character’s movement or the viewer of a weapon typical of shooting games, we want to move around low DPIs. However, if we are going to play a MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena such as the league of Legends’-better opt for high DPIs, with more speed.

But don’t get overwhelmed by IPRs either: it’s normal for gaming mice to be configurable, so you can customize this aspect based on your tastes and the titles you play.

An add-on to consider if we are demanding and seek to squeeze our mouse’s characteristics is the mat. Thus, it is better to opt for a “Speed” to gain travel speed in MOBA and a “Control” if what we want is precision as in shooting.


Configuration and distribution options

Apart from the technology and maximum IPRs they reach, the configuration is one of the most important factors when choosing a gaming mouse.

In fact, the number and layout of a gaming mouse’s configurable elements is the differential factor compared to a standard mouse, much more limited at the level of customization.

We have already seen that this configuration allows you to adjust the DPI. Still, we will also find a series of buttons to program actions and shortcuts according to your needs and comfort and other functions such as lighting or colours if it offers this feature.

Thus, we will choose the mouse that allows us to save the movements and actions so that it is comfortable and fast to be more competitive.


Let’s talk About Ergonomics.

Although we can find mice for general purposes very affordable, if the idea is to buy a gaming mouse for intensive and demanding use, it must be comfortable in hand both in the initial sensations and after hours of play.

After all, intensive players spend many hours in front of the computer, so it is essential to maintain a good posture avoiding forcing muscles and joints.

As we’ll see later, there are very different design models, texture, size and weight. In any case, you’ll have to choose one that fits the shape of your hand and its posture while you play.

Special mention deserves the weight. Some models include a weight system to adjust it for more fluidity or accuracy as we see fit.

There are also specific models for right-handers and others for amibidiestros, with a completely symmetrical design to perform with both hands.

In this sense, there is nothing like trying before buying. Otherwise, it is best to get well informed about the abundant comments of users who play your favourite games.


With or without wires?

With or without wires

Although we used to want a good gaming experience, we had to go to wired models since wireless technology was not up to the task’s level of speed and reactivity. Technological advances have made it possible for cordless mice to play in the same league. However, betting on a wireless mouse, in general, is going to be more expensive.


Types of Mouse used to play.

After this review of the features to consider when choosing a gaming mouse, let’s go to the practical part: what do you play? Although there are versatile mice for general purposes, others have elements that make them more suitable for certain games. The most common types are as follows:

  • General-purpose mice are present in different sizes and shapes. The strength of these mice is that they are balanced, as they have to give the size in different tasks. If you are a player with eclectic tastes, they are the most recommended option.
  • If shooting games are your thing, type ‘Call of Duty’ counter-strike; it is better to look for models that provide high speeds and that,t even in those situations of movement, offer precision. Some models designed for FPS include a sniper button – sniper – under the thumb that slows down the DPI so you can aim better.
  • If you prefer titles like ‘World of Warcraft’, ‘Final Fantasy’or ‘League of Legends’, in short, MMO games – Massive Multiplayer Online – or MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena – this type of mouse is bulky and stands out for its versatility, integrating a good number of buttons to execute the required actions in the game and do so quickly.


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