Edition III

When a loved one passes on, their memories are immortalized through the little things they leave behind.
These ‘Little Things’ define who they were, their eccentric habits, their favorite things to do or eat, the way they spoke or even their scent.
The Memory Project, in its third edition, unites our collective experiences of loss into an evening of music, art and poetry – to celebrate these ‘Little Things’.

Guests were taken through different stages of grief with performance, poetry and music with five thoughtfully curated acts. Sahil Vasudeva expressed the emotion of shock with his soul-stirring performance, that is felt after the passing of a loved one. Dasha Fogel skillfully expressed the emotion of denial with her artistic movements, experienced after the loss of a departed one. After denial comes anger and Sambit Chatterjee took to his drums to express this emotion. A beautifully crafted spoken word poetry delivered by Amandeep Singh recreated the sense of depression felt after the rage of loss subsides. Performing under a thousand origami cranes, Soulmate’s and Khalid Ahamed’s stirring music helped guests find their path to healing and finally closure.

Patrons also shared their own stories. Some spoke, while others wrote post-cards to their dear departed ones. Curating memories from users, we re-created the scents that reminded them of their loved ones. These signature scents were accompanied with warm stories of their lost departed ones.

Through these interactions, guests looked beyond their grief to fonder memories of their loved ones.