Best Wifi Extender in India 2021

Best Wifi Extender in India

Problems with your home’s WIFI network? Doesn’t the signal reach the rooms farther away from the router? Don’t have an internet connection at all points in your huge chalet?

We present to you the best EXTENDERs of WIFI network and by the electrical network. It’s a fairly common problem, especially if you live in a chalet or a huge house, or just with good walls (something you don’t see much at the moment).

How can we solve this problem, and get the network or WIFI to all rooms? Easy, we have mainly two options, which are also quite economical, and a third and fourth option that are more expensive:

  1. Buy a WIFI network extender.
  2. Buy a network extender by an electric cable.
  3. Buy a new router to replace the one given to you by the telephony operator.
  4. Opt for the new MESH WIFI routers: create a mesh network in your home.

The first two options do the same work in a somewhat different way. The first repeats the WIFI signal at 2.4 GHz or 5GHz of the router you have at home, and the other uses the existing electrical wiring to carry the network connection wherever you have a power outlet. You can learn more about the topic by looking at the following entry: How to get 300Mb, 600Mb or more of your fibre-to-internet connection to your entire home: PLC, Gigabit Ethernet cable, or WiFi network extender.

Which solution is best? Well, it depends on your situation, but most of the extenders we comment on cost less than 50 euros, some much less.

With the power line network extender, you’ll need to buy as many adapters as you want the internet connection to arrive. The signal will be perfect, and the line speed reduction almost imperceptible. Perfect for desktops, televisions, consoles.

The WIFI network extender is ideal if we have many laptops type tablet, smartphone, that require this type of connection in different parts of the house. This device will help us eliminate dead spots. The two models are straightforward to install.

  • In many cases, it is best to opt for the two solutions and combine them properly. You can also purchase a new router to control your internet connection at home.


What are The Best Wifi Extenders in India 2021?

1.-TP-Link TL-WA850RE – 300 Mbps Wifi Network Repeater

  • With two internal antennas
  • You need to press the ‘range extend’ button to extend wireless coverage easily
  • 1 Ethernet port
  • Low power consumption: Only 3w
  • 5 indicators: current signal strength you receive
  • Supports: 802.11a; 802.11b; 802.11g; 802.11n

A really cheap option and probably more than enough for medium to large houses (say about 70 square meters). You press the WPS button on the router and the extender button, and it easily connects to the network.

It has a great addition: an ethernet port to connect some extra device by wiring.

Do you hit? It does not have dual-band, only works with 2.4GHz band. It is not recommended if you are going to make intensive use of the network for streaming or video games.


2.-TP-Link RE650 AC2600 – 800Mbps and 2.4GHz + 5GHz Wifi Network Repeater

  • Repeater with four external antennas with coverage up to 100 square meters
  • AC2600 dual-band Wi-Fi: 800Mbps at 2.4GHz + 1733Mbps at 5GHz simultaneously
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Compatible with any Wi-Fi Router

A real beast perfects to expand with all its power any WIFI network. It has the dual-band and Ethernet port and 4 beautiful antennas that serve what they are designed for: expand the WIFI coverage in a large house of 100 square meters.

The dual-band and MU-MIMO make this extender the perfect pot to give WIFI to multiple devices at once.

It can be configured to extend an existing WIFI or to create a new WIFI network from the ethernet connection. It does not have WIFI 6, but the protocol is not yet ubiquitous.


3.-Netgear WN3000RP – WiFi Network Extender (300 MB)

  • Through the LED signals available, you will be able to locate the best place to install it
  • Repeat your router’s WIFI signal at 2.4 GHz.
  • The fast ethernet port will allow you to connect other devices to the network directly.
  • Simple and safe installation in a couple of minutes. You have to search for the WIFI signal of the device with a computer, tablet or smartphone, connect to the internet with the browser, and it will automatically skip a Netgear page that will help you with the network extender settings.
  • WIFI 802.11b; 802.11g; 802.11n

This WIFI network extender amplifies your router’s signal at those points where there was no signal before. It is compatible with all routers and devices on the market (iPads, iPods, tablets, laptops, smartphones, consoles, smart TVs).

You may also be interested in the new version, the Netgear Ex3700 (discussed below).


4.-Netgear Ex3700 – Wifi Network Repeater with Ac750 coverage

  • Wi-Fi coverage up to 60 square meters, and connects up to 10 devices at a time such as laptops, smartphones and tablets
  • Provides performance up to 750 Mbps
  • Puerto Lan Gigabit

A perfect option if you need more speed in WIFI in your home. A device adapted to the new network speeds of the operators. Add WIFI coverage up to 60 square meters.

It is not the best model in whether you look at the coverage it offers, and from time to time, it can hang, but its price is very appetizing. You give him a chance to see if he meets your expectations.


And what if we have a computer or device with no ability to connect to a WIFI?

We can buy a USB network adapter like the TP-Link Nano TL-WN725N or move directly to higher models like the TP-LINK Archer T2U, a Dual Band USB Wireless Adapter (AC 600Mbps, USB2.0).


We plug it into the USB port of the computer and automatically be able to connect to a WIFI network with speeds of up to 150 Mbps. Best of all, it’s its size, tiny (18.6x15x7.1 mm), so you can leave it connected to your computer.

How your needs can be very different, we have prepared an entrance where we tell you what are the best WIFI adapters of the moment, from the cheapest to some more expensive but with great features:



You no longer have to suffer or be constantly complaining about not having a Network or WIFI connection in all parts of our house. With these solutions, we will be able to easily extend the internet connection for a very, very small price: Less than 50 euros in most cases.

Possibly the best option is to combine the two methods if you live in a huge house. With the EXTENSION of the WIFI network, you manage to connect tablets and smartphones, and with the network extender by a power line, you can connect consoles or TVs.

And as a third option, you can think of buying a new neutral router to replace the o

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