Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner in India 2021

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner in India

Are you sick of vacuuming to clean your house? Smart vacuum robots come to your aid, and the only problem, as always, is choosing from the best models. What is the cleaning robot you should buy in 2020? Neato Robotics, eufy with its RoboVac and iRobot Roomba models is sure to surprise you. We present to you the best robot vacuum cleaner in 2020.

Does any brand stand out from the others? Does this invention really work? Are vacuum robots suitable for carpets or if you have pets at home? Are they quiet? Do you have mapping? Many questions we’re going to answer in this article. As soon as a cleaning robot comes into your house, your life is going to change.

It is an invention that has been with us since the 90s, but lately, its prices have dropped enough to consider your purchase. These small automated disc-shaped vacuum cleaners use a variety of sensors to track dirt, animal hair and other waste on carpets and hard surfaces.

They use different swivel brushes, and the best vacuum robots use HEPA filters that can trap allergens (animal dandruff, pollen and dust mites) to help mitigate allergies.

Having said that, they obviously still have their limitations. We will have to help them do their job with some simple tricks: we can close the doors of the rooms where we do not want them to enter (or put some of the accessories that have some models to delimit rooms); we have to clean the filter from time to time so that the robot continues to do its job well etc…

And of course, it should be noted that thicker carpets are still a terrain that these smart vacuum cleaners have vetted.

We tell you the best options of vacuum robots—first the best of the year and then a small list with the cheapest cleaning robots worthwhile. But if we have to highlight the best robot vacuum cleaner for a quality price, we have it clear; it is the eufy RoboVac 11S. You’re not going to find anything better for the quality-price right now.

What are the best smart vacuum robots for quality price in 2020?

We have selected a few brands of vacuum robots that currently have no competition in the market: Neato Robotics, eufy with your RoboVac and iRobot Roomba models.

And of all the models, we have taken the best for a quality price. Latest models of vacuum robots? They have the latest technology, but most of the time it doesn’t compensate for paying an initial overprice for them, especially those that have WIFI.

1.-iRobot Roomba 981- An expensive but all-inclusive vacuum robot

  • AeroForce 3-phase system with 10 times superior suction perfect for carpets
  • Powered by iAdapt 2.0 with visual location
  • 2 rubber brushes
  • With Dirt Detect sensors that recognize areas where dirt is concentrated
  • Self-adjusting cleaning head automatically adapts its height to stay in contact with different types of floors
  • App iRobot HOME
  • Compatible with Alexa

We already warn you: it is not a cheap vacuum robot, but it is definitely the best that this brand can offer us. It is a large robot but can maneuver perfectly throughout your house thanks to its system that detects everything in front of it. He’ll learn over time, and he’ll do better and better.

The best thing about this robot is that it is suitable for all kinds of floors, but where it looks is on the carpets: it automatically detects them and prepares its cleaning engine so as not to leave any dirt or hairs.

The battery lasts about two hours, its navigation is spectacular and although its container to collect the garbage is small, you will be surprised by everything that can be stored inside. It supports the Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant and has an app to set it up.


2.-Neato Robotics D701 Connected – Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Charging Station, Wi-Fi

  • The robotic vacuum cleaner moves very easily between parquet floors, carpets and tiles
  • SpinFlow silent suction system and cleaning brush
  • D-shaped design with Corner Clever technology reaches corners and nooks and crannies
  • Vacuum up to 465 m2 per load cycle
  • Wi-Fi connection and mobile app suitable for iOS and Android devices

A worthy rival of the previous model with a similar price and really similar functions. The only drawback is that it is not as big as previous models and therefore fills with garbage quickly.

Otherwise, he’s brilliant. It will map your house without a problem, and you will be able to use it in unsuspected places as areas with lots of cables, corners and other nooks and crannies. You can even use the app to mark limits where it doesn’t have to go.

To make it work perfectly all over your house you just have to spend a little time at first and tell him where you don’t want it to happen, and then he’ll do it all by himself without a problem.


3.-Ecovacs Deebot N79S – Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • With detachable V-shaped swivel brush that sucks out every particle
  • Cleaning carpets and hard floors
  • 3 modes of use: Auto for normal cleaning, Edge to clean corners and Point for cleaning a defined area
  • Max Mode increases suction power by 50%
  • Usage time up to 100 minutes

In case you don’t want to spend so much money eat the previous models, you can always opt for this model. It’s cheap, but you can control it using an app with your smartphone, and it works with Alexa.

It’s effortless to use, but don’t expect a cleaning as deep as you could get with the most expensive models. It’s a perfect vacuum robot to keep your home clean of the dust and dirt you see, but it may not wipe out all the dirt in the toughest places.


4.-eufy RoboVac 11S – Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • BoostIQ Technology: Automatically increases suction power by 1.5 seconds when additional suction force is needed
  • High capacity lithium-ion battery: provides up to 100 minutes of constant and powerful suction.
  • Premium Features: Anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover, infrared sensor to evade obstacles.
  • 3-point cleaning system with a power of 1300Pa
  • It recharges automatically, so you’re always ready to clean.
  • In the package comes: RoboVac 11S, remote control (2 AAA batteries included), charging dock, AC adapter, cleaning tool, extra set of high-performance filters, 4 side brushes, 5 flanges, welcome guide.

Possibly the best choice for the quality-price as a robot vacuum cleaner. It offers a more expensive model performance. He’s going to clean every corner of your house quietly.

If something stands out, this model is that it can clean your house with the best possible noise, something important not to disturb your pets or not to bother you if you are at home.

It has a power of 1300Pa, so you’re not going to leave anything behind. It’s mighty. It can climb by small edges and can clean carpets. Automatically returns to the charging dock. Its tank has a capacity of 0.6 litres, so it is quite large.

The perfect model to remove all hairs from pets, especially dogs and cats.


5.-Neato Robotics BotVac D85

  • With LaserSmart technology that allows you to explore the rooms 360 degrees, identifying furniture, entrances and stairs.
  • You can program the robot.
  • The robot maps the rooms and plans the cleanliness.
  • With “Combo” brush, “Spiral blade” brush, 3 filters (1 installed) and load base.
  • Automatically returns to the charging dock.
  • With brush cleaning tool, side brush and magnetic limit markers.
  • Specially designed for hair picking: ideal for homes with pets and allergy sufferers.
  • Dimensions: 33.5 x 32.1 x 10 cm
  • Weight: 4.1kg
  • Decibels: 70dB
  • Capacity: 0.7 litres

If you have a huge house (from 100 to 1000 square meters), many carpets, lots of pets, or are allergic, the Neato D85 is your best choice. It is really smarter and maps the rooms better than Roomba 650, another of our choices (which suffers from 300 square meters).

It is capable of mapping the entire room, and its movements are really consistent and less random than those of the popular Roomba 650 model. Its navigation is very methodical (it will not leave any corners uncleaned) and can overcome all obstacles without much problem.

Besides, it can catch all the hairs of our pets, especially on carpets, and makes it much better than the Roomba 650. On the other hand, it gets more lysed with the wires and sometimes gets stuck on some shelves.


6.-Neato Robotics Botvac Connected

  • Use LaserSmart technology for room orientation, exploration and map, to plan the most efficient route and complete work up to 4 times faster than other round-shaped robots.
  • Turbo and Eco mode – you can choose. “Eco” mode for cleaning, more silence, and saving energy.
  • With Pet Combo Brush, Side Brush; Quieter and more efficient “Spiral Blade” brush and Ultrafilter installed; 2 Ultra filters for pets and allergies; magnetic delimiters; a tool for cleaning brushes.
  • WIFI and app for Android and iOS smartphones
  • Dimensiones: 32,1 x 33,5 x 10 cm
  • Peso: 3.7kg
  • Decibelios: 69dB
  • Capacity: 0.7 litres

With this latest generation of vacuum robots, you’ll be able to control them using an App on your smartphone. They cost much more expensive, and the best in terms of cleaning are small compared to cheaper models.

The Neato Botvac Connected is the most polished and improved version Neato has ever made. It has all the goodness of the D85 and also the Connected works much better when there are people (or pets). Your app is nothing of the other world, but it works (Roomba’s is better).

It has a tranquil ECO mode and a lithium battery that gives it greater autonomy (more than 2 hours, enough to clean almost 500 square meters). Any hits? It’s a little more complicated than usual to clean the hair filter.


7.-iRobot Roomba 691- Robot vacuum cleaner with WIFI for hard floors and carpets

  • 3-phase cleaning system
  • Self-adjusting cleaning head
  • Dirt Detect sensors that recognize areas where dirt is concentrated
  • With iRobot HOME app
  • You can limit cleaning and protect delicate items or pet drinkers with the Virtual Wall Dual wall
  • Compatible with Alexa Assistant
  • It can be programmed

If you want to get into the vacuum robots with WIFI connection, this is the most interesting model for a quality price. It can be controlled with the app from your smartphone, or you can even give it orders thanks to Alexa, the voice assistant present in Amazon’s smart speakers.

The only drawback that this model has in front of it, for example, that of eufy, is that it makes more noise, is bigger and is more expensive. But that’s what the benchmark brand has to be in this market.


8.-Cecotec Robot Vacuum Cleaner Conga Series 1090 or CECOTEC CONGA SLIM 890

Cecotec Robot Conga Vacuum Cleaner Series 1090

  • Robot professional vacuum cleaner 4 in 1: sweep, vacuum, pass the mow and scrub the floor
  • tech space technology with intelligent navigation thanks to its proximity, anti-shock and anti-fall sensors
  • Best friend care system: with a special silicone central brush for pet hair
  • 2 large capacity tanks for 500 ml solids and 400 ml liquids
  • With a range of 160 minutes (returns to the charging dock)
  • With remote control

A robot that does many things: it is a 4 in 1, sweeps, sucks, passes the mow and scrubs the floor… a little more and scrubs the dishes… To do this, it has a deposit for liquids of 400ml.

Eye! The scrubbing system is still a little short of perfect, but it can save us from a rush if it is perfect for cleaning filthy floors, both in parquet and carpets, as it has an anti-tangle system.

We can control it using an LCD control, and it can be programmed to go out to clean every day of the week. It can return to the loading base and travels through the rooms randomly. It has numerous sensors. The pity is that the filters are EPAy not HEPA (can be purchased separately).

  • If you want a really advanced model, but something more expensive, you will have to go to the 4090 Series Conga Vacuum Robot: it has WIFI, great power and perfect battery life.



Another of the cheapest options and what better result they give. With Navigation iTech Evo: intelligent navigation millimetre by millimetre thanks to its proximity, distance and lifeline sensors and Power Suction Pro: Great suction power.

Return to base automatically. It has programming 24 hours a day 7 days a week and remote control with LCD screen. We can program 5 cleaning modes: Auto, Edges, Room, Spiral and Home Trip, and it has a silent mode. It’s minimal, so it gets everywhere.

Its autonomy is 90 minutes and serves for all types of floors and thin carpets (not thick). It also has a HEPA filter and a large capacity tank of 300 ml. Includes 4 side brushes.

  • Any hits? On carpets, he lacks some strength.
  • Its advantages? The battery life is good, has a controller and is very small. It’s very cheap.

For a few more euros, you have the Conga Excellence 990, which has better autonomy (130 minutes), itech 3.0 technology (best navigation system) and is quieter (65db).


9.-Taurus Mini Striker – Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • A robot vacuum cleaner with a power of 19 V and two side brushes
  • Mopa and suction function
  • With three anti-fall sensors and scratch protection band
  • Battery status indicator
  • Autonomy 75 min

Do you want a really cheap robot vacuum cleaner? This model is what you are looking for: it usually costs a need for 100 euros. But you’re going to have to sacrifice some more expensive model features. And keep in mind that it’s not going to serve you for a huge house.

It has disposable meds (you will have to change them often), and the battery is not your strong point, but it is hushed and effortless to operate. It does not have virtual walls, house scanning or complicated programming.


10.-Rowenta Smart Force Essential

  • 150-minute battery life
  • Active motorized brush and three cleaning modes
  • Automatic programming
  • With infrared sensors, bumpers and drop sensors
  • Virtual barrier thanks to the 2-meter long magnetic tape
  • Dimensions: height 8 cm and diameter 32.5 cm

Perfect for huge houses thanks to their great autonomy. It has 3 cleaning modes: you can move randomly, vacuum only a specific area or looking for corners and edges.

This model does have quite a few sensors and a virtual barrier. It is perfect for smooth and hard floors, but not so much for carpets. It does not have WIFI, nor house mapping.


Vacuum robots: because you should buy one to clean your house

Need a smart vacuum cleaner? Probably not. I’m sure you can keep cleaning your house like it’s always been done. But maybe you can do a “deep clean” once a month and let the robot vacuum cleaner do the most repetitive tasks every day. Don’t expect miracles, especially if the robot is very cheap (less than 100 euros), but if you choose one of the mid-range-high-end models, the quality jump you will notice.

The robot will adapt to your house, know every corner, overcome obstacles, clean carpets and keep your pet entertained that will follow you everywhere in the house… there’s nothing like having a new friend who doesn’t make much noise and is quiet, not like the annoying manual vacuum cleaner.

What about the allergic ones? These vacuum robots are a blessing, as the best have filters that remove all the particles that cause allergies… Now all you have left is to remove them from curtains and furniture.

Just be careful with choosing the model and brand that best suits your home. Not all have the same functionalities, and some do the work better than others in certain situations. We’re going to help you know which one to buy.


Vacuum robots: we should look for

One thing must be clear: they cannot work miracles. They have a purpose: to collect dust, hair, skin or crumbs, but there are things they can’t clean. All robot vacuum cleaners can pass over door thresholds and have sensors that prevent them from falling stairs and detect soil changes. We can even tell them the level of cleaning and where they have to clean.

  • How they clean the floor: the most important thing. Can you clean carpets or rough floors? Do you remove allergens? What about the pet hairs? They have to be able to overcome obstacles, get around furniture or learn the cleaning route. They usually have brushes, strong suction and a few rollers to catch all the dirt. Each brand applies to different solutions.
  • Power: The power does not necessarily indicate that they aspire better since, in these devices, it also depends on the correct design and placement of brushes, rollers etc…
  • HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter: They keep the particular dust from coming out into the atmosphere of our house. They purify the air of dust and other particles, something very interesting for the allergic. Unlike membrane filters, HEPA filters are prepared to retain contaminants and microscopic particles.
  • Navigation and mapping system: Precisely because of this quality, we are buying a robot vacuum cleaner. We want them to clean the house alone, don’t we? Mid-range robots will create a map of our home after using them a few times. The most expensive and advanced models can detect the dirtiest areas.
  • Silent: One of the things we hate most about regular vacuum cleaners is the tremendous noise they make. We’re looking for these vacuum robots to be quiet. The noise caused by a vacuum robot is usually between 50 and 80 dB, less than a normal vacuum cleaner.
  • Remote control or smartphone connectivity: Not all models have one or the other. They can be instrumental, especially connecting with an app on our mobile to control the robot vacuum cleaner. Does the robot have wifi to connect to your smartphone using an app? It is ideal for telling you from work to start cleaning the house while you are not there.
  • Battery: The best vacuum robots have a battery that lasts about 60-90 minutes on a single charge, and can return to their “spring” to take power (about 120-140 minutes of charging time).
  • Virtual Walls: Another exciting thing. Magnetic stripe to tell you you don’t want to clean an area of the house? Many manufacturers offer virtual walls that tell the robot vacuum cleaner not to “work” in that area. An extra expense that is often really useful. Many Roomba models offer this feature included in their packs.
  • Programming: It would be interesting if you could program the time and time of the cleaning.
  • Cleaning the filter: you have to remove the dirt that accumulates in your tank, so it would be interesting if it were easy to do so and that they themselves had some kind of cleaning cycle.
  • Deposit capacity and autonomy: The capacity of the tank is important because the larger, the less we will have to pay attention to the robot (it may be filled in one or two uses depending on your pet’s hairs). Autonomy? Since they return alone to the charging stand, we only have to worry that our house is huge for single battery use (they usually last between 1 hour and 1 hour and a half).
  • Accessories and spare parts: Various types of brushes? Spare parts of the parts that break the most like rollers or brushes? New batteries at reasonable prices?


Vacuum robots: prices

The big question you’re asking is whether vacuum robots are affordable. Well. The good ones are not worth less than 100 euros and are not cheap. Its price is usually found from 300 euros and maybe a lot more if you want the latest model.

If you are not sure that you are interested in buying a robot vacuum cleaner, we recommend that you start with the models that are around 300 euros. They are delicious and work perfectly (and have everything you expect from a robot vacuum cleaner).

  • Some of Roomba’s best robot vacuum cleaners are located in the 300-500 euro strip: Roomba’s 600 series. The 700 series is also in this strip and has better performance.
  • From 600 to 1000 euros we find Roomba’s high-end models, the 800 and 900 series.

Eye! We found you a pretty cheap vacuum robot model, it costs less than 200 euros, and it’s still useful.


Your robot vacuum cleaner and your pet

The good thing about the models we present to you is that they don’t make much noise (they won’t scare your pet if you start it when you’re not home) and they all have some special accessory to remove hairs from dogs or cats. Some model does it better than someone else, but they’re all going to be worth it.

Add a traditional vacuum cleaner to your cleaning kit.

As a complement to your robot vacuum cleaner, you can also buy some lifelong vacuum cleaner that has specific functions for pets such as the Bosch BCH6ZOOO Zoo’o ProAnimal – Broom Vacuum Cleaner + ProAnimal Accessory Kit; it is a special pet broom vacuum cleaner that you can use on sofas and armchairs, places where the vacuum robots will not arrive. It is very manageable; the battery lasts quite a while and removes all kinds of pet hairs.

  • 25.2V Lithium-Ion technology: more durable and powerful battery, with up to 60 minutes of battery life and shorter charging time
  • animal accessory kit: consisting of an additional short handle, a hose-coupled adapter and a shoulder strap, corner cleaning nozzle, upholstery and car seats – ideal for cleaning upholstery, corners and hard-to-reach gaps
  • animal nozzle for thorough cleaning results with an ideal brush for pet hair
  • High-performance AllFloor HighPower brush for effective cleaning on all types of floors and additional ProAnimal roller ideal for animal hair
  • Innovative SensorBagless technology: powerful performance with minimal maintenance.


Best Vacuum Robots from 2020

iRobot Roomba 650

  • 3-stage cleaning system with AeroVac
  • Dirt Detect Series I Function (Acoustic)
  • AeroVac Filter
  • iAdapt navigation technology
  • Allows you to schedule cleaning up to 7 times per week
  • With 1 compact charging base, 1 Rechargeable Battery, 1 extra AeroVac filter, 1 cleaning tool.
  • Dimensions: 86.4 x 86.4 x 23.4 cm
  • Weight: 3.58 kg
  • Decibels: 70dB

But if we have to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner for a quality price, this would be the iRobot Roomba 650. It fits most houses and can clean much more than most other models (all costing a lot less). It is quiet and especially suitable for small houses (less than 120-100 square meters), clear floors and carpets not too thick. If you have a bigger house, the Neato Robotics BotVac D85 is a better choice. You can read a full review in English at Reviewed.

Compared to its rivals, it is quieter, easier to use and above all cheaper to maintain and repair, and costs less. Its navigation system adapts better than that of the Neato Botvac D85, but it is nevertheless less methodical, and some sites can be left uncleaned.

It works well in all kinds of situations: with many people, in a large room, on wooden floors or carpets not too thick. Best of all, it stays less “stuck” than its rivals, something significant in a robot like this. The wires, furniture legs or corners can’t handle it, and it navigates them wonderfully and almost magically. Its sensors operate with excellent accuracy.

What about his battery? Excellent. It can run up to 90 minutes per cleaning cycle and move at full speed (Neato models move somewhat slower, but also have a similar battery life). It is programmed to pass several times through the same site versus the single pass of Neato models (more methodical).

Any weaknesses? The carpets too thick and the spaces very, very large. It doesn’t work too well on very dark floors that produce a lot of reflections (sensors fail), and you hit a lot against other objects to visualize the room, so if you have antique furniture at home, you’d better not use it much.


iRobot Roomba 871

  • The patented AeroForce cleaning system provides cleaning on all types of floors, including carpets; catches pet hair
  • Roomba features two dirt extractors for high cleaning efficiency with less maintenance
  • Just press “CLEAN” or schedule the schedule that suits you best and Roomba automatically adapts to all types of floors by vacuuming even the carpets
  • Senior Dirt Detect that locates the areas of greatest dirt concentrating its work until it is eliminated
  • iAdapt 1.0 navigation system provides intelligent cleaning coverage, also in corners
  • Box contents: Robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 871 (with side brush, AeroForce tank and built-in battery), charging base

Any Roomba options with better features but something more expensive? Yes, the iRobot Roomba 871. It has an iAdapt browser, anti-tangle extractors and low maintenance.

It is programmable and has a full tank indicator. It’s got a remote control.


ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The iLife A4s has a three-step cleaning system as well as a side brush that sweeps dirt and dust from the sides. Due to its low height, it easily passes under the furniture. It has a 2600mAh high capacity battery that will last more than 130 minutes and has multiple cleaning modes for different levels of dirt and surfaces.

You can program the robot to clean when you’re not at home, and it has a remote control so you can control it if you want. Its sensors help prevent it from jammed or falling down the stairs, and it will automatically return to your base station.

  • Any hits? The small dust container fills up quickly, and its sensors don’t work very well on black surfaces.
  • Its advantages? The battery life is tremendous; it can slide through very narrow places and works on very varied surfaces.

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