9 Best Mattress in India 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Best Mattress in India

If you are looking for the best mattress on the market, this guide is made especially for you. Here you will find an in-depth analysis of what are the best mattresses on the market this year, as well as the features you should consider before buying any mattresses.


The Importance of Choosing the Right Mattress for You

Did you know that one of the main causes of poor performance and ailments is caused by poor sleep quality? And what is it proven that 80% has to do with the quality of the mattress we sleep on?

That is why the decision to buy a mattress does not have to be taken lightly since the quality of our rest will affect all facets of our day today.

If you want to know directly, which is the best mattress on the market, our choice based on quality price is the Emma Mattress. Still, we recommend that you continue reading our mattress comparison and corresponding analyses.

Many people make the grave mistake of being guided solely by the price, buying an economical mattress that they find in the store without counting the quality of it and the impact it will have on their rest. Here you can compare mattresses of different characteristics so that you identify the best option for you.

Best Mattresses in India

Before choosing, you should keep this in mind…

Before showing you which are the best mattresses on the market, I want you to consider several features to know which one will be best for you.

The posture you sleep in

  • If you usually sleep on your back, the type of mattress you should buy are the ones with the greatest firmness.
  • If, on the other hand, you usually sleep on your side, you should choose an intermediate hardness mattress. Otherwise, you may feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable sleeping.

Your weight

  • If you are of the large constitution or have something of high weight, the best option will be a mattress to go harder. Otherwise, you’ll feel like you’re sinking into it and it can be quite uncomfortable.
  • If you’re rather a thin shape, you’ll need a softer mattress so that your body fits perfectly into the mattress.

If you need more detailed information, you can visit our complete guide on which mattress to buy.


List of Best Mattresses in India 2021

Below we show you the ones that are considered as the 10 best mattresses for this 2020, with its features, opinions, reviews, advantages and disadvantages. This way, you will have much easier to choose the best option adapted to you without having to track all the internet or analyze one by one.

1. EMMA Orignal Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress brand Emma is German-made which for some years has been considered one of the best mattresses available on the market with very positive reviews and ratings from all its users. Considered as one of the best quality mattress brands.

It is a viscoelastic mattress composed of different layers of 4 centimetres of Airgocell foam and memory foam and a cold foam core.

The Airgocell layer is responsible for providing comfort with its elasticity, being able to press anywhere on the mattress without deforming the areas around the pressure point. This makes it an excellent choice for double beds; where one person’s movement does not affect the other.

The memory foam layer or Memory Foam meets the goal of distributing the pressure exerted on the bed by adapting to the way the body is placed, giving a unique sense of comfort.

The cold foam core layer serves to give firmness and prevent the person from over-sinking at bedtime, giving good support to the neck and back.

if you want to know more about this Mattress, you can do it in this individual analysis of the Emma mattress we have prepared

Emma’s model is available in both double and single mattresses in 15 different sizes depending on the space you have.

It is a breathable mattress, staying cool in most cases, as well as including a washable elastic case. This is definitely one of the best mattresses on the market.


  • The mattress materials are of excellent quality.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Emma has outstanding customer service.
  • It stays cool throughout the night.
  • 10-year warranty


  • Some people may have trouble adjusting to the mattress because it’s not that hard.
  • Little documentation.


2. SleepyCat Orthopaedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The OCU has pointed to the SleepyCat Orthopaedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress is one of the best mattresses that can be obtained since 2018. It stands out for having an outstanding absorption of movements, as well as a thermosensitive memory effect of viscoelastic, providing a feeling of comfort and rest.

The bed has Gel particles that function as a thermoregulatory agent that eliminates excess heat and helps to feel fresh throughout the night, especially during hot summer nights.

With a thickness of 33 cm, it ends up being a good choice for those who move a lot at night. Its materials adapt very quickly to the movements of the person to adapt properly.

It is soft, so one detail to keep in mind is that it is not the best option for people who are overweight, with a body mass index of 30% or higher, who are recommended to use firmer mattresses.

The SleepyCat mattress brand has always been characterized by offering high-quality mattresses. Without a doubt, we are talking about a brand of reputable experience and with which we can hardly fail if we decide to buy one of its mattresses.

The Flex Nube Gel mattress model offers up to 13 different sizes, double and individual, so it would be easy to find the exact size adapted to the space you need


  • Good quality materials provide durability and strength.
  • The memory effect provides good adaptability.
  • Gel particles keep the mattress cool on the hottest days.
  • The beds have good independence.


  • After a few months of use the mattress may become deformed.
  • It is not highly recommended for people weighing more than 85 kilos.


3. Kurlon Latex Mattress

Despite being a less recognized brand than the previous two, this Kurlon mattress is being one of the best sellers today thanks to the value for money it offers us

The Kurlon Latex Mattress is manufactured in India and stands out among latex mattresses for offering a guarantee of total hygiene, protecting against bacteria, mites and odours.

Have you had trouble sleeping with other mattresses? This may be the option you were looking for. It is an orthopedic mattress that has 7 distinct areas that are responsible for providing firm support, adapting to the tastes of most buyers.

Kurlon Latex Mattress differentiated areas also serve to maintain good alignment of the spine, as well as effectively spreading bodyweight from pressure areas. To provide a feeling of freshness, the mattress has a cotton case that offers efficient heat flow. It can be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 60 degrees, allowing us to wash it without complications. If you are looking for the best latex mattress, this is a good choice for you.


  • It includes a cotton case that provides freshness. Being removable it is straightforward to wash.
  • The 7 support areas help maintain a good position and do not allow pressure to build upon the muscles.
  • It is antiallergic, remaining free from the proliferation of mites, fungi and bacteria.
  • It is very comfortable and provides a quality break.
  • 10-year warranty


  • It is offered as a mattress with high-density foam, but some buyers find it softer than they wanted (but still comfortable).
  • It can come with a powerful smell, which takes a few days to disappear.


4. FLEX HABANA mattress

This time we present another large mattress of the Flex brand, the Flex Habana mattress, which we cannot overlook due to all the opinions and positive reviews that it has received after the purchase

Flex Habana is a mattress of interlocking springs that boasts Multielastic technology, a technology patented by the Flex brand that consists of using double spiral spring blocks intertwined inside, offering a unique individual damping resistance. Thanks to this technology, you get support and firmness, being a mattress suitable for overweight people.

It is made of a compact fiber of excellent quality, is hypoallergenic and helps keep it cool during hot nights. Its interior remains ventilated, allowing the mattress to have a good level of recovery. This same texture is responsible for offering a progressive reception and great comfort. Another aspect that stands out on this bed is its adaptability to the body, thanks to two technologies that it has built-in: the Commodo+ system and the Comfort System+,which together manage to provide an excellent progressive adaptation, almost without any pressure point.

This model is available in up to 12 different sizes, both for double and single beds, so you can choose the size that best suits the space, box spring and your own or your room needs.


  • Mattress materials meet the expected quality.
  • Offers expected durability based on mattress description.
  • Excellent value.


  • It can seem very hard for some buyers.


5. SleepWell DELUXE Mattress

The Imperial Deluxe Visocographene has a height of 30 centimeters and a special padding with integral open pore plate that, in addition to providing excellent comfort, keeps the bed cool by not allowing excess heat to be generated.

The perspiration of the mattress is achieved thanks to its super-nature nucleus of the high density of open cells, allowing quality perspiration.

With its patented SANITIZED system, this bed is anti-mit, anti-static, anti-fungal, anti-allergic and electrobiological,being friendly to people who have sensitive skin. Its materials can remove electrostatic charge from the body, which experts believe helps to achieve the REM dl sleep phase, offering a quality rest.

It contains a bottom cover that has an interlaced 3D fabric, ensuring that moisture does not accumulate. It has reinforced sides and a high weight velvety fabric (VELOUR). It is available in individual sizes such as mattress 80×190.

You can buy this excellent mattress model in up to 24 different sizes. This way you will have no problem finding the perfect bed size suitable to the needs that you have both personal and space. It is one of the best mattresses on the market so your purchase is a guarantee.


  • The comfort provided allows you to rest all night without discomfort.
  • It offers good thickness and comfort.
  • Its cell technology offers the breathability needed to prevent heat.
  • 2-year warranty


  • Seller warranty not effective.
  • Low service life.
  • Over time it can deform.



6. LIVING SOFA Visco Thermal Mattress

The mattress brand Living Sofa Visco Thermal offers us this fabulous mattress with very noteable features. Being one of the best reviewed mattresses on Amazon by its buyers

This Visco Thermal bed has a height of 30 cm, of which, 4 cm are of natural viscoelastic PRESS CONFORT that is responsible for offering a high density foam made of Rest Foam fabric containing organic carbon microparticles to improve the quality of rest.

The upper layer is made of stretch paddedmaterial, which offers a high top weight thanks to its WIND OUT technology,responsible for providing a soft touch. Each and every layer of the mattress is individually designed and manufactured, ensuring an independent way to provide greater volume and good pressure distribution, achieving the“floating” effectby minimizing movements.

One of the features that you may be most interested in about this mattress is its high density “Excellent Plus H.R.” carbon microparticle orthopaedic core, with great durability and non-deformable technology.

It has a special safety sewn that achieves a more effective compactibility, as well as a padded 3D bottom cover with ‘Air-Remove’ technology that takes care of keeping the mattress cool and without excess heat.


  • Excellent value for money, good quality for an ideal price.
  • It is very comfortable and after a few days you will feel very comfortable when sleeping.
  • The movement of the person sleeping next to them is almost eliminated.


  • The finishers on some seams are bad.
  • The viscoelastic layer is only on one side.
  • It can be over-sunk when used by high-weight people.


7. Sleepwell Spring mattress

The Sleepwell Spring mattress draws attention quickly when you see its price and the rest technology it has integrated.

It has a height of 27 cm, of which 5 cm are ViscoProgression Graphene,a layer with adaptive memory and thermoregulator, making sure to provide you with the comfort and freshness you need to have a good night’s rest.

If you are looking for a well-adapted spring mattress on each spring, this product may be the best choice for you. This improves the independence of each bed and gives extra comfort that helps to have quality sleep.

Graphene nanofibers provide thermoregulation that keeps the mattress surface always fresh, being especially useful on hot nights. To this, we add the progressive and adaptable feeling of the bed, with a remarkable firmness that gives a very well balanced comfort.

It has a top layer of Stretch fabric, giving a fresh and breathable touch. The Gradual Feel system is responsible for giving a good distribution to the layers, which have been strategically placed to give a progressive firmness.


  • It gives just firmness to people looking for something not too soft or too firm.
  • It does not create a feeling of sinking or feeling trapped, it always gives good comfort.
  • It helps to avoid lower back pain and allows us to have quality sleep.


  • In large or overweight people, you may feel a little softer.
  • In some cases, it does not regain its form after weeks of use.


8. Wakefit Memory Foam Mattress

If you are looking to buy a cheap, high-quality sleeping mattress, the Wakefit Memory Foam Mattress option may be the best for you.

A Wakefit model is an excellent option if you have a tighter budget and want a cheap mattress. It is manufactured from a high-quality memory foam core that guarantees firmness and strength.

This Memory foam mattress has a layer of thermosensitive viscoelastic with which you get a greater feeling of comfort and better adaptability of your body, which will favour your rest and those of your body.

The outer fabric it incorporates is breathable, which considerably reduces the heat and humidity that is generated especially in summer times.

Also, it is an anti-mist, antibacterial and anti-moho mattress. This ensures greater durability, endurance and avoids any allergies you may have. The best quality-price mattress you’ll find in the world of mattresses.


  • Very economical price
  • Great Value for Money
  • Available in two heights


  • The viscoelastic is only on one side.


9. Sleepyhead Memory Foam Mattress

Finally, we give you this alternative if what you are looking for is a complete articulated bed.

This reinforced articulated bed features a 4500 N dual-engine made in Germany that are embedded in the same plastic housing, which is operated using a controller. It has a safety battery with a capacity of 9w to be able to lower in case the electric current is faulty.

The good detail is that it has a built-in electrical safety system with a battery that allows you to run an emergency drop. Its 5-flat independent electric box spring (thanks to state-of-the-art motors) enhances the functionality of this bed.

The regularization of the lumbar area using tilting and articulable rubber studs makes the bed very comfortable and enjoys a quality night’s rest. The viscoelastic mattress has a core 22 centimetres thick, and two layers joined with non-toxic glue. It is a material created by NASA that is temperature sensitive and is an open cell that gives good ventilation to the mattress, helping to keep it always cool.

On the other hand, the quality of the materials is undeniable, since all the functional and mechanical elements of this electric bed are made of laminated steel. The arch bed frame is made of rectangular steel, lacquered in cast anti-oxide epoxy in profiling.


  • The whole set is of excellent quality, both the metallic, mechanical and mattress materials.
  • The seller delivers what he promises in his description.
  • The mattress is very comfortable, and the box spring is very accomplished.


  • It has no cons; buyers are delighted with this product.


What’s the best mattress in India?

It is normal for you to ask this question because we are dealing with an issue that affects your departure, and having a quality bed is important. However, it is impossible to give an exact answer as the best mattress for you will depend on features such as how you sleep, your weight, space and budget you have and your comfort standards.

Therefore, we have considered indicating the best mattresses on the market,being able to take into account factors and characteristics that are marked by quality standards and with favorable opinions from those who have already decided to buy any of these mattresses online.

We share with you what we consider the best 10 in the market, based on the description of the products, their comparison and the opinion of their buyers; you will have to determine which is the best option for you. No one knows your needs better than you do.

However, to make a good decision, we’ll explain some of the most important details and features to keep in mind before buying a new bed, so you can make the best possible decision and make a purchase that you’re satisfied with.


How to choose a good mattress

Almost every night you wake up like you haven’t rested even if you’ve slept for 8 hours? Sleeping is not the same as resting. Surely you have heard of quality sleep, something that is achieved when your body is really comfortable and in a proper posture that allows the whole body to rest.

If this is your case, then it’s time to change your bed and buy a good quality mattress that allows you to have a quality break every night. Sometimes these pains or lack of rest can be due to health problems, so it’s not enough for you to visit your doctor, but in most cases, these problems arise from a low-quality bed or that already met its manufacturer-marked lifespan.

Some people use the same mattress for more than 10 years, and not everyone can stand that use offering the same features as when they were new. This is a serious mistake, since over the years and use the mattresses become deformed or, being in conditions that do not favour a quality rest. They can even become a health problem when deformed or filled with mites and bacteria.

Surely, as in most cases, you have not been encouraged to buy a new bed because good quality mattresses are not usually very cheap. But fortunately, on the internet, we can find better deals that allow us to buy good quality products online saving a good amount of money.

Buying a mattress is something that has to be done very carefully and without making a hasty decision. It is true that we all want to save money and take advantage of a good offer, but we always have to put the quality, first of all, since the cheap can be more expensive when we have to buy another bed again when we discover that economic product has a terrible quality.

If everything goes according to plan, your mattress will accompany you over the next decade, so let’s make sure it does.


What kind of mattress is best?

As with the question “What is the best mattress on the market?”, this will depend on your tastes or your body’s needs. So the first thing you have to determine is: What firmness do you want or need?

Another option that might interest you would be high-end mattresses, we invite you to see our item high-end mattresses.

Also, important that you keep your mattress with one of the best mattress protectors see our item and choose the best one.


Some people prefer soft mattresses and others prefer hard ones, but in most cases what is needed is a midpoint that allows obtaining the correct firmness to allow to have the hips and men in a good position and good blood circulation.

When it is too hard, you have poor circulation, and the muscles are sore by pressure. This is because these mattresses lack the ability to adapt to the curves of our body, as if we were sleeping on a table with fabric, making the column “rest” in an uncomfortable and forced position. This usually causes us to wake up with back pain and other muscle aches.

On the other hand, when it is toosoft, the body does not get the support needed to maintain good posture. When we just lay down on these mattresses they create a feeling of almost immediate comfort, but as the minute’s pass, we begin to sink, and the body can be left in a curved and unnatural position. This also ends up causing lower back pain.

First, you have to determine if you prefer a hard or soft bed, and then you have to look at other features, as that’s not enough to make a good decision. It is essential to consider your weight and that of your partner if you sleep with someone. It’s not the same as a soft mattress for someone 58 kilos as it is for someone 90 kilos. Light people can choose firm ones, while heavy people have to go through lower levels of firmness.

The firmness levels can be separated into four:


These are recommended for people of high or bulky weight or in special cases accompanied by a therapeutic reason. That is, they are not highly recommended beds for the average buyer who wants to sleep well. If not necessary, these can cause sword and muscle problems.

Medium firmness

Average firmness usually ensures a good degree of adaptability,so they are generally the best choice for most people. That is, they are recommended for a wide range of weights and sizes, adapting to almost anyone. When they are of good quality, these beds can withstand the weight of almost anyone while still offering a correct column position.

High firmness

These have been the opposite of low firmness mattresses, only they are recommended for people who weigh very little or for special cases. For the average buyer they can cause back problems.

Universal Firmness

These are the mattresses that promise to have an excellent degree of adaptability,being able to adapt to any type of person. They are made of materials and use technologies that allow to regulate how much the person’s body sinks. That’s why, along with medium-firm mattresses, they are often an excellent choice for the vast majority of buyers.


The Docks

Before you get a bad idea thinking about the old furniture you slept in when you went to your grandmother’s house, keep in mind that spring mattresses have improveda lot today, coming with protection and sophisticated systems that guarantee a quality mattress, durable and, above all, comfortable.

Nowadays it is rare to find a mattress that is completely made of springs, so now the most common thing is to see that they are used to give their central structure to the mattress, being coated with other materials and foam to offer a better result and comfort to the buyer.

One of the advantages of springs is that they can offer good breathability and better stability than some foams, but the result may vary depending on the manufacturer and the combination of materials.


When the box spring is articulated the springs are not the best option to consider.



Currently the most common is that mattresses are made of different layers of various materials,a combination that aims to deliver the best possible quality to the buyer.

That is why when today we refer to the material of a mattress, we usually refer to the material from which its core ismade, which is the central layer that is responsible for holding and giving the structure to the bed.



Viscoelastics is a material that boasts of being invented by NASA in the 1970s, being widely used today in different markets. In the case of mattresses, it is applied to offer a good adaptability of medium firmness.

Viscoelastic mattresses are not completely made of it as they would be extremely soft. They usually use it in the outer layer or in the core, combining it with other materials or foams of different densities.

It is important to pay attention to the density and thickness of the viscoelastic layer. Good quality mattresses are usually 3 cm thick, 4 at most. This material is responsible for creating that enveloping feeling when we lie down, as it reacts to our heat and softens, when we get up and cool it regains its shape.

If you like the feeling of “sinking” a little when you go to bed, then this is the material you have to pay the most attention to.

If you want to choose a vico-elastic mattress or a spring mattress,check out our item specially prepared for you.


Latex is known for having a very soft and pleasant touch, as well as boasting good adaptability. It is flexible and has a low firmness, being used in articulated beds, plus there are beds made of natural latex, excellent if you prefer products of natural origin.

One of the negative aspects of the latex mattress is that it has very low breathability, so manufacturers usually give it different treatments or use covers.

Read all the information the manufacturer provides about the materials used and the processes they have gone through.


HR Foams (High Strength)

These high-strength foams are specially made to withstand different pressures and regain their original shape once pressure is no longer exerted on them. They can be found with varying degrees of firmness and in different densities.

In these foams manufacturers often use elegant and striking names, with patented technologies. In fact, only a specific treatment that was given to high-strength foam stand out, and although in some cases they may give better results, they are usually terminologies that aim to impress the potential customer.


His upholstery

A very common mistake is to think that upholstery is the final cover that gives the aesthetics to the mattress, but it is actually its composition.

Good upholstery ensures good regulation and breathability.

This means that the bed has the possibility of expelling the accumulated heat created by our body, which is usually very important on some mattresses, as in those of viscoelastic in which we sink a little.

When a bed doesn’t have a good upholstery it’s easy to accumulate heat, something that can make you spend unbearable nights during the summer.

The best upholstery is usually made of wool, cotton and other materials of natural origin. The better the quality of the upholstery, the higher the price you’ll have to pay. Although we know that thanks to the internet you can enjoy discounts and ideal price to buy a cheap quality mattress.

In addition, it will greatly influence your comfort in both the summer and winter months.



Other types of mattresses or alternatives

There are other special mattresses such as anti-skirmish mattresses. These types of mattresses are usually made for people who often suffer from some kind of body pain or a lot of skin sensitivity as happens to many elderly people. In this article about the best anti-skid mattresses you can find more information about it.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to buy a mattress because it’s relatively new, but you want better sleep quality or you don’t just feel entirely comfortable, you can opt for viscoelastic toppers. In this article you will find more information about the best viscoelastic topper on the market.

Another type of mattress to keep in mind if you don’t have a lot of budget and you just need it for specific moments such as for visits or outings to the outside, are the inflatable mattresses, folding mattress or the best sofa bed.

Also, you have the option of Emma mattresses, Sleepwell mattresses, Sleepyhead mattresses, Sleepycat mattresses, KurlON mattress, Wakeafit mattress, Khama mattress and bultex mattress, ideal for improving your comfort when sleeping.

On the other hand, if you also want to renew the canapé this item canapé and mattress,it will help you to see the best packs.

If you suffer from cervical pains it is not only necessary to have the best mattress, there are pillows such as the cervical pillow, aloe vera pillow or the viscoelastic pillow that can improve your pains.

But if your case is that you’re expecting a baby, we recommend using a pregnant pillow,it will make you feel more comfortable as your baby grows.



How much does the size of a mattress matter?

It’s pretty obvious to think “if I’m married I need a marriage mattress”, but the truth is that you can and you have to look a little de more thoroughly at your you want to be sure you’re taking the best option.

Width is the most obvious and easy to determine, but the length is also quite important and many people often overlook it. The common measure is 1.90m to make sure almost anyone can use it without problems, but if you’re too tall you’ll probably prefer a mattress that has a length between 2 and 2.20 m.

If you like to sleep with plenty of plenty of space, then XL options may be the best choice for you. Just make sure your room is large enough to put this mattress in with the rest of your furniture.

Tips for buying a good mattress

Don’t be in a hurry to make your decision, put up with your old mattress a little longer and make sure you do a good investigation before making a decision.

Here we share a list of the best mattresses and we have tried to provide you with all the information you need to be able to buy a mattress that meets your expectations and that can give you a quality break, but take into account your needs, your weight, if you sleep with someone, the type of firmness you want and all the features that

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