Best Gaming Keyboards in India 2021

Best Gaming Keyboards in India

Want to know what are the top 10 gaming keyboards in 2020? Are you looking for a cheap gaming keyboard for your PC? The keyboard is probably one of the most glamorous computer peripherals, but for all gamers, it is one of the essential elements of all.

That’s why we have to be careful to choose one with good features and functionalities. We updated our guide with the best gaming keyboards of 2021.


What do we need to consider before buying a good gaming keyboard for the quality-price?

Many things but pay special attention to the next three points.


1. Membrane keyboards vs mechanical keyboards

Membrane keyboards are usually cheaper and present in low-end models, while mechanics tend to be more expensive. Membrane keyboards operate by an electric current through two soft plastic membranes.

Mechanical keyboards work by placing a mechanical switch under each key. The latter option feels better and works more reliably, but is considerably more expensive. For Gaming, you should get a mechanical keyboard.


2. Cherry MX

Cherry MX keys are an industry standard. They come in a good variety of colours, but the most common are red, brown and blue.

  • The red keys are silent and respond to a soft touch.
  • The brown keys are silent but sturdy.
  • The blue keys click and are sturdy.

Most gaming keyboards are for everything, and many of them have extra keys to assign macro functions, so they are ideal for FPS, RTS or MOBA. But where if they are exciting these keyboards are to play MMO: the ones that less, have 6 extra keys but can reach up to 18 (they are more expensive and huge).


3. Is it worth it to be illuminated?

Well, the truth is that it greatly increases the price of the keyboard, especially if they have RGB colours. You have to value the usefulness of your purchase (aesthetic reasons) very much.


What are the best keyboards for gamers in India 2021?

1. Razer Huntsman Elite – The best gaming keyboard

Interface: wired connection – keyboard backlight: Yes – programmable keys: Yes – Features: Razer optomechanical switches, optical drive to maximize your APM, all this can be programmed and customized with Synapse 3, wrist rest, on-premises hybrid memory and cloud storage

The best thing about this gaming keyboard is that its optomechanical switches give you tremendous reaction speed. Razer has managed to create a mix of mechanical switches with optical sensors. There’s no faster keyboard right now. You’re going to need two USB cables to use their full potential. It’s noisy…. and it’s quite expensive, but it has the latest technology.


2. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum – The best mechanical keyboard for gaming

Interface: wired connection – keyboard backlight: Yes – programmable keys: Yes – Features: Cherry MX Speed, Brown, RGB multicolour backlight, QWERTY English, light backlight with Light Edge, 8MB storage with lighting playback and hardware macros

If you want the best of the best, and you can spend a little more, this is the model you’re looking for. He’s got it all. Its manufacturing quality is excellent; it is a fairly large keyboard and very comfortable.

It has dedicated multimedia controls, USB transfer port, metal volume wheel and beloved RGB lighting. You’ll find 6 special macro keys, and you can use CORSAIR iCUE software to control lighting, with sophisticated macro programming.


3. Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo

Interface: with cable connection – keyboard backlight: Yes – programmable keys: Yes – Features:

If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard with tremendous design and good features, this model is what you’re looking for. The pity is that the keyboard is not in Spanish. You’ll find Titan Switches instead of typical Cherry Mx. His enlightenment is really good, and typing in it is a blessing. It’s expensive.


4. Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire

Interface: with cable connection – keyboard backlight: Yes – programmable keys: Yes – Features: advanced lighting control, macro programming, authentic Cherry MX Speed RGB switches with ultra-fast 1.2mm performance and 45g light force.

Fastness and the tremendous response rate is the best thing about this gaming keyboard. It has Cherry MX Speed RGB switches with an ultra-fast performance of 1.2 mm and a force of 45 g of light. The perfect keyboard for first-person shooters, but not for long typing sessions.


5. Corsair K63 Wireless

Interface: Wireless and USB connection – keyboard backlight: Yes – programmable keys: Yes – Features: 100% CHERRY MX mechanical key switches, up to 15 hours of wireless use, 128-bit AES encryption, soft and removable wrist rest.

Need a wireless gaming keyboard? This is your best bet. And best of all, it can also be wired in case the flies. Perfect for playing from the sofa in your living room. It features Cherry MX Red switches, RGB lighting and convenient multimedia controls. It lacks a numeric keypad.


6. VicTsing Gaming Mechanical Keyboard: the cheapest gaming keyboard

Interface: with cable connection – keyboard backlight: Yes – programmable keys: Yes – Features: 9 light modes. Water-resistant. USB connector.

The cheapest gaming keyboard in our selection. The brand is not typical of gaming, but it has done a good job considering how little it costs. It has 9 light modes and 104 keys. It’s cool resistant. Its quality of manufacture cannot be purchased with that of the other models. Key colours cannot be changed.


7. Corsair Gaming STRAFE RGB

Interface: wired connection – keyboard backlight: Yes – programmable keys: Yes – Features: Cherry MX Silent key switches, RGB multi-colour dynamic backlight, Soft-touch removable wrist rest, FPS and MOBA key sets, Null key protection with 104-key simultaneous USB detection

A keyboard that has dropped quite a lot in price in recent months and that has very good features. It is a mid-range gaming keyboard with Cherry MX, RGB lighting or macro keys. Its manufacture is very good and gives premium keyboard appearance. It’s a very quiet keyboard thanks to the Cherry MX Silent built with Gold-Crosspoint contacts, gold-plated contact closures and pressure-resistant metal alloy springs.


8. Logitech G413

Interface: with cable connection – keyboard backlight: Yes – programmable keys: No – Features: Romer-G mechanical switch, USB pass-through connection, function keys (FN) allow you to control volume, playback and pause, track breaks, silence, turn to light on or off, turn the game mode on or off

A keyboard with a perfect design and some keys from another planet for a really reasonable price. It has Romer-G mechanical switches, and the only drawbacks that can be put on it are that it does not have specific keys to control the multimedia part and that the USB pass-through connection is USB 2.0.


8. Razer Ornata Chroma

Interface: wired connection – keyboard backlight: Yes – programmable keys: No – Features: Gaming keyboard with mechanical membrane, ergonomic type wrist rest and RGB chroma backlight, andRazer Chroma customizable lighting with16.8 million customizable colour options

A keyboard that unites the best of the two worlds: the mechanical and the membranes. The result is a great experience. Razer’s mechanical membranes combine the padded touch of rubber domes with the well-defined tactile feel of a mechanical switch that allows for fast operation of each key and a strong audible click.

Like its other products, the Ornata features a fully customizable backlight and has a fluffy ergonomic wrist rest.

10. Logitech G413

Interface: wired connection – keyboard backlight: Yes – programmable keys: Yes – Features: Romer-G mechanical key switch, aluminum top housing, additional USB cable, 12 additional keys

A simple gaming keyboard. Its design is very simple and straightforward, but really eye-catching with its aluminium alloy on the upper shell. It doesn’t sound too good, its Romer-G pushbuttons are really good, and it’s going to allow you to write really fast. LEDs are red only.


Best Gaming keyboards in India from 2020

Logitech G810

Interface: wired connection – keyboard backlight: Yes – programmable keys: Yes – Features: Romer-G mechanical key switches with ultra-fast responsiveness, customizable RGB lightingeasy-to-access multimedia control

With excellent Romer-G mechanical keys with ultra-fast responsiveness, and very good sensations when you have it in your hands. An excellent offer even to work on Windows and macOS as it offers keys for both systems. It has an easy-to-access multimedia control. Its design is minimalist, and the only drawback you can put on it is that it does not have USB pass-through ports.


Logitech G105

Interface: with cable connection – keyboard backlight: Yes – programmable keys: Yes – Features: long-lasting LED backlighting, six programmable G keys, game mode selector, easy to install.

The cheapest model, but it’s probably more than enough for most gamers. It may look like a mechanical keyboard, but there’s a membrane under those keys, so the feeling is really soft when you touch them. And its features are not so bad, it has up to six programmable macro keys. It’s a low-cost keyboard, but it’s a safe value. It has a keyboard in Spanish.


Corsair Gaming K95 – Mechanical Keyboard

Interface: with cable connection – keyboard backlight: Yes – programmable keys: Yes – Features: 18 G keys with up to 108 macros,100% protection against null keystrokes with 104-key USB detection, 100% Cherry MX RGB RED mechanical switches.

Like the Corsair K70, this model is a tremendous gaming keyboard. The six-key macro single-row layout keeps this keyboard organized easily. The software may be a bit “clumsy”, but if all you’re doing is assigning macros, you may not even need it. You have 8MB to save profiles. It has 16.8 million colours and is made of military-grade aluminium, so it is very resistant.

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