Best Bluetooth Speakers in India 2021

Best Bluetooth Speakers in India

Want to know what are the best portable speakers with Bluetooth connectivity of the year 2020? Do you know the best speaker brand? Or the best for the quality price? Do you know how to choose a good Bluetooth speaker?

Look no further; we’ve selected the top 10 wireless models (plus a few worthwhile extra models) from brands like Sonos, Bose, UE, JBL… And the price range is exciting. The different brands offer speakers to buy from 50 euros… It is the best choice as a speaker to connect to your mobile or tablet.

These are powerful speakers, with good connectivity (they are wireless), and very manageable and small. You will definitely find the best speaker brands represented in this list.

This type of portable Bluetooth speakers has become essential in a world full of smartphones and tablets. We want to listen to our music anywhere, and these models are the ones that offer us the best options.

Some Bluetooth speakers excel because they have the most features at a relatively low price. Others opt for good design and manufacturing. There are prices for everyone.

What is the best speaker brand?

It’s hard to decide on one in particular. Each speaker brand has tried to specialize in one type of feature, and while many models share certain functionalities, some may stand out more than another in some section.

There is no best speaker brand, just the brand that best suits your needs.

That said, you’ll always be able to trust certain brands such as:

  • EU
  • Bose
  • Jbl

You’re not going to go wrong buying some speakers from these companies.


Do you know how to choose a good Bluetooth speaker?

There are so many features to keep in mind; it can be difficult to select the best models. Each will have its own needs, so check well the list of speakers that we have prepared knowing that among its main features you can find:

  • What Bluetooth is: The ideal wireless protocol for listening to music is Bluetooth (for many). Its emission range is usually about 10, 15 meters and virtually all modern devices such as tablets, computers or smartphones have a Bluetooth chip, and the good thing about Bluetooth is that it doesn’t require a network connection, which means it will work almost 100% of the time. It’s effortless to use, and in just a few seconds you’ll have your music playing throughout the room.
  • Calidad de transmisión bluetooth: prácticamente indistinguible del streaming mediante WIFI. La calidad en sus últimas versiones es realmente buena, y si eso le añadimos el codec aptX y otras mejoras, la calidad del sonido iguala a la de un CD. Hay que buscar Bluetooth 4 o superior. Bluetooth 5 es el último estándar: mejora enormemente la velocidad y el rango de transmisión de datos (todavía no se ve en los altavoces).
  • NFC (Near Field Communication): protocolo que nos hace la vida más fácil a la hora de conectar nuestros dispositivos al altavoz bluetooth.
  • Water resistance: many models are designed to take to the outside, and in many cases are waterproof. You have to look for the degree of IP protection to know if they can only get a little wet or if they are resistant splashes.
  • Frequency response: The frequency response is measured in a medium unit called Hertz and can go, for example, from 100Hz to 20,000Hz. The wider the range, the better the audio will play. The bass is usually heard around 20Hz to 250Hz. Vocals and other instruments such as guitar range from 250Hz to 4000Hz (mid-range). All other frequencies (up to 20,000Hz) are called treble.
  • Drivers: They have to be a reasonable size for the music to sound good. The most common portable speakers usually have a 40mm driver. If we want something bigger, the size of the speaker will start to grow. It also influences the placement of the drivers and the number and the number of them. Smaller speakers only have one. At the very least, if we want a well-balanced sound, the speaker should have 2 drivers. Since there is not much space inside a portable Bluetooth speaker for a woofer, many manufacturers place passive radiators on their speakers to produce bass.
  • App for mobiles and tablets: Many speaker manufacturers include an app for smartphones and tablets that allows us to control the sound and connection with the Bluetooth speaker. It is not essential, but if it helps a lot when it comes to managing the device.
  • Smart speakers? Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant are becoming increasingly fashionable. they are perfect speakers for the home: you can control all kinds of smart devices such as bulbs, thermostats etc… and answer all your questions. They have to be connected to the internet constantly and connected to the mains, so portability is reduced to being able to move them from room to room with ease. We talked about them at the end of the article.

You also have to keep in mind that the best thing you need is not a Bluetooth speaker. Maybe whatever you want for your home on a good stereo speaker. And here we get into a totally different category of audio devices:

What are the best speakers with Airplay for iPhone, iPad or iPod? If you have an Apple product like an iPhone, iPad or iPod, you’re definitely interested in this article where we’re going to recommend the best speakers with AirPlay.

  • We’ve added several new speakers + an explanation of AirPlay 2: AirPlay 2 allows this wireless streaming standard to become one of the best options for listening to your music in every room in your home. In other words, the main goal of the update is to stream music from your iOS device to more than one speaker.


What are the best portable Bluetooth speakers in India 2021?

1.-Ultimate Ears Boom 3 or Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 LITE

Ultimate Ears Boom 3

The best option for a quality price. The Boom 3 model is now available, but the Boom 2 really still lacks the penalty, especially since it now costs cheaper second-hand. If you want the new features of this brand, you know, go for the Ultimate Ears Boom 3:

It is completely waterproof and fleet (IP67 against water and dust, and can be fully submerged for 30 minutes), the speaker surface is the grid, charges wirelessly with the POWER UP base and has the Magic button: Play, pause, skip tracks on the speaker; Tap to control any music streaming, schedule and browse custom playlists.

Of course, this Bluetooth speaker still delivers 360-degree high, surround sound with deep, accurate bass, 15-hour battery life, and compatible app.

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 LITE

  • 360-degree wireless speaker
  • Submersible in up to 1 m of water for 30 minutes
  • With Bluetooth and NFC
  • Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 hands-free voice control with Alexa

Really cheap. Essential. Resistant…. they’re going to last you a lifetime. And you could take it everywhere.

They have Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio output. They are IPX 7 waterproof, up to 2 mobile devices can be connected.

The battery life is tremendous and can be easily connected to your smartphone. The best option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and have a tremendous sound.


2.-EU Wonderboom 2

  • Powerful 360-degree sound
  • 13 hours of battery life
  • Degree of protection IP67 which means it is waterproof and dust resistant
  • Possibility to pair two Wonderboom 2 speakers

The perfect model to carry everywhere. It is water-resistant and floats. It sounds perfect, the battery life is tremendous (about 12, 13 hours) and you can only put a catch on it, that the bass is not the best in the world.

Su sonido es 360º y su precio es razonable. Reverbera algo en los graves. No dispone de micrófono para manos libres.


3.-JBL Charge 3 y JBL Charge 4

JBL Charge 3

Principales características: 

  • 6000mAh battery (about 20 hours duration)
  • It can be submerged: IPX7
  • Up to 3 smartphones or tablets, stereo sound can be connected wirelessly.

If this JBL Charge 3 stands out for anything, it’s because of its impressive basses. They are mighty, so much so, that a lot of purists may not like them, but if we consider that you’re probably using this model on the outside, that’s just what you’re going to need.

The means are acceptable although they do not stand out among so much power in the bass. The vocal part is sharp. The highs accompany the whole well. It can be completely immersed in the water, its sound is powerful to listen perfectly on the outside, and they are not excessively expensive for what they offer.

JBL Charge 4

Main features:

  • IPX3 water-resistant
  • 20 hours of playback.
  • Two 1.7″ drivers and two passive radiators.
  • Frequency response: 60Hz – 20kHz
  • USB charging and auxiliary input
  • 965 grams of weight

The new model, with everything a little better (although it hasn’t changed much either)… Very reasonable price, excellent sound, totally portable and able to charge your phone via USB-C.

It continues to stand out for its water resistance and spectacular basses. It doesn’t have NFC, but its battery life is the best you’ll be able to find right now. It is available in many colours.


4.-Bose SoundLink Revolve+ or Bose SoundLink Revolve

Bose SoundLink Revolve+

  • With 360-degree coverage
  • Its flexible fabric handle
  • Water Resistant (IPX4)
  • Enjoy up to 16 hours of playback
  • Wireless Bluetooth pairing with voice prompts
  • Answer calls and access Siri or Google Now

The new, improved version of the Bose SoundLink Revolve. Its price is reasonable for the quality they offer…. but they’re not cheap.

Everything is managed with the Bose Connect app. The sound is spectacular, powerful and in 360o. Enough to fill a pretty big room. It highlights the power of its basses.

Surround sound works well. There is no need to buy the cargo base.

Bose SoundLink Revolve

  • Sound with 360-degree coverage
  • Durable and waterproof aluminium body (IPX4)
  • 12 hours of playback
  • Wireless Bluetooth pairing with
    voice prompts answers calls and accesses Siri or Google Now
  • Pair two speakers to play in stereo or party mode

This Bose model is perfect for home and if you want a true 360o sound experience. It’s kind of expensive, but it sounds perfect. Its design is stunning, and the sound has a scary detail. On the other hand, it only has a coverage of 10 meters, and its water resistance is meagre.

Indoor use is recommended, so you’d better leave it at home to realize its full potential.


5.-Sonos Move

  • Extreme weather resistant quality speaker (IP56) and falls
  • With the Sonos app and with AirPlay 2
  • With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • With USB-C
  • 10-hour battery life
  • Weight: 3kg

A somewhat heavy speaker but perfect both outdoors and to put it in the living room: the AutoTrueplay function adapts the sound. It has 2 high-quality drivers and a very polished app for your smartphone.

Its sound is tremendous, and it has excellent compatibility to connect it wirelessly. It does not have NFC or AUX. If you have voice control using Google or Amazon Alexa.

That said, if you don’t care about its weight… and its somewhat high price, this Bluetooth speaker with WIFI is going to give you excellent results.


6.-Bose – Home Speaker 500

  • Speaker with Alexa voice assistant.
  • Play built-in Wi-Fi music services, such as Spotify and Amazon Music, or use a Bluetooth connection to play whatever you want from a phone or tablet.
  • Compatible with Apple Airplay 2
  • With a 3.5mm connection
  • Semana with top controls or using the Bose Music app

It’s not your typical portable Bluetooth speaker. This model is rather designed to leave in a room of your house, but it is for a good reason: the sound it provides is tremendous.

The design also accompanies, and the quality of manufacture is in line with the price. It’s a smart speaker that can compete with Amazon or Apple options.

It has Bluetooth connectivity, colour LCD screen, and you can ask for things by voice, thanks to Alexa (microphones are susceptible). The only real catch is that its kind of expensive.


7.-Bang and Olufsen Beoplay P2

  • Portable speaker with microphone, dust and splash resistant
  • Smart features by touching or shaking
  • Premium durable materials
  • Up to 10 hours of playback per charge
  • Frequency response: 68 Hz – 21,000Hz
  • 275 grams

A pretty risky bet from B&O that went very well for them. Excellent design, easy to use, an excellent app for mobile systems and spectacular sound.

It’s an extremely portable speaker, and yet it’s capable of delivering good bass (highs and mids aren’t that good).

It may not have the best sound among this selection, but it is one of the best price-quality offers, and on which best sound offers to have such a small size.



8.-Anker Soundcore Flare

  • 360-degree sound
  • An LED halo reacts and syncs with music with five colours and five types of light patterns
  • IPX7 rating offers waterproof protection

Nice design and a good addition of the LED lights at the bottom. It’s fun. It is waterproof (even submerged), has Bluetooth connectivity and its mobile app works perfectly.

The sound is powerful and crisp, except when you increase the volume a lot, a lot. But considering its low price, we can’t complain much. Battery life reaches 12 hours.


9.-JBL Xtreme and JBL Xtreme 2

JBL Xtreme

  • 15 hours of battery life (10,000mAh)
  • 2 woofers of 2.48.”
  • Auxiliary input
  • Splashproof

Espectacular diseño resistente a salpicaduras, con una duración de batería espectacular de 15 horas. Se puede conectar de forma inalámbrica hasta 3 smartphones o tabletas y cargar dispositivos con sus puertos USB. Dispone de manos libres.

El sonido es potente, perfecto para exteriores con el sonido algo metálico y bajos que harán retumbar los cimientos de tu casa. Es algo pesado con 2.1Kg.

JBL Xtreme 2

  • 15h playing time
  • Resistente al agua (IPX7)
  • USB output to charge your mobile
  • JBL low radiator and hands-free

The new version of this speaker. It continues to deliver powerful, distortion-free sound. Really practical to carry away from home thanks to the carrying strap. You can charge up your phone with this model.

Now you access the ports using a rubber cover. The sound goes in one direction, so if you don’t like speakers with 360o sound, this is one of the best options you can buy.


10.-JBL Flip 5

  • Internal battery with a capacity of 4,800 mAh (12 hours of playback)
  • Bluetooth speaker that allows you to connect up to 2 devices
  • IPX7 Waterproof Enclosure (Float)
  • USB-C
  • Frequency range: 65 – 20000 Hz

The JBL Flip 5 is a robust, portable speaker and is capable of delivering sound to all types of devices. It has a decent design, a reasonable price (it’s cheaper than the UE Boom 2) and the bass sound is tremendously powerful.

Hit? The media is a little sloppy, and the design hasn’t changed much compared to previous versions. You don’t have hands-free.


11. JBL Clip 3

  • 10 hours of battery life
  • Lightweight, powerful and durable with Bluetooth and USB
  • Waterproof (IPX7)

The speaker resents water and the ultimate laptop. There’s nothing more comfortable to wear when you go outside, go to the beach or the countryside.

Why? The hitch is essential to take it everywhere without falling, hanging in your backpack. It is available in various colours and has a hands-free function.

The sound is excellent despite being so small and has input 3.5 mm. Cheaper impossible.


12. Ultimate Ears BLAST – Altavoz con Alexa Integrada

You’re going to get a portable Bluetooth speaker with the built-in ALEXA assistant. It offers 360o sound, powerful bass and IP67 to get into the water.

The presence of ALEXA is not very polished, and the sound in the highs may not be the best if we turn up the volume a lot. The price varies greatly depending on the colour of the speakers.


13. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4

  • Portable speaker with Bluetooth 4.2 and a power of 4 x 15 W
  • 8 hours of music playback
  • Built-in microphone
  • Woofer 2 x 75 mm, treble speaker 2 x 20 mm
  • Frequency response 50 – 20000 Hz

A portable Bluetooth speaker that stands out for its design, always very careful for that brand, and for its great sound, perfect for filling a room of good dimensions.

It has 2 75mm bass speakers and 2 20mm treble speakers and you can access Siri or Google Now from the speaker at the touch of a button. It’s the perfect speaker to have at home.

If you want something more portable to take out the outside of the same brand, we recommend the Harman Kardon Onyx 5, a model with a handle on top that makes taking you for a walk quite simple.


14. Bose SoundLink Color II

  • 8-hour battery life
  • Auxiliary input
  • Built-in microphone to use as a hands-free or access digital assistants like Siri or Google Now
  • Robust and with a soft silicone exterior
  • Dimensions: 5.6 x 12.7 x 13.1 cm
  • Weight: 544 grams

A new contender in the ring with a very successful and waterproof design (splash only, IPX4). Its sound is spectacular, and we can only put a catch on it: battery life is not a thing of the other world.


13. Creative Labs Muvo 2C

  • Battery life: 6 hours
  • Aux-in: Yes
  • Bluetooth version: 4.2
  • Waterproofing: IP66
  • Charging devices via USB: no
  • MicroSD card reader
  • Support for high quality, lossless FLAC and WAV, WMA and MP3 formats

It has tiny dimensions and excellent sound, which make this speaker a d the best for price-quality.

It has an impressive dynamic range for its size and also has Bluetooth, a 3.5mm connector, USB and microSD card slot to play MP3 files directly.

The battery life might be better, and its sound may not be comparable to more expensive models, but for this price, it is second to none.


14. Creative Labs MUVO mini

  • 2 micro drivers and a bass radiator
  • More than 10 hours of battery life
  • Bluetooth and audio input

A cute portable speaker full of good features and at a low price. It has a battery life of about 10 hours, something impressive for its small size, is waterproof (IP66), has audio input and the possibility to connect to the mobile using NFC.

The sound is mighty and offers good treble and bass. The only drawback is that you cannot charge devices via USB.



Best Bluetooth speakers in India from 2020

You may also want to remember our selection of previous years, with exciting models, especially since some have dropped in price.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2

Main features:

  • A 2.5″ driver, two 1.5″ drivers and 2 passive radiators
  • 8 horas de batería
  • AUX input

At about the same price we have this second version of the Creative Sound Blaster Roar, and it still has those good extra features and that spectacular sound of the first model. The Roar 2 is a slightly smaller version (20% smaller) and has a very similar design. The front of the speaker is simply a grille, with several buttons: power on, volume and multi-function buttons.

It’s not a minimalist design, but we have a good amount of features that we won’t find on other models. The Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 features Bluetooth 3.0 with aptX, NFC, an auxiliary input, and a 6000mAh battery that lasts about 8 hours, microSD card reader, MP3 player, USB output for charging devices, a voice recorder (can even be used to record phone calls), and can act as an external sound card for Mac/PC/PS4 by connecting it via USB.

Sound? It has 2 tweeters, a woofer and 2 passive radiators, so imagine the sound it can provide us. The bass may seem a little poor at first, but if you press the TeraBass button, the matter changes and the room starts to rumble. The speaker can be placed in two positions.


1.-Creative Muvo Mini – Bluetooth portable speaker

Description: Water-resistant Bluetooth speaker with subtle style.

Features: Weight: 272 grams – Battery life: 10 hours – Wireless range: 10 meters – Drivers: Two micro drivers and one bass radiator – NFC: Yes – Bluetooth version: 4.0 – Aux-in: Yes – USB charging: No

  • Weatherproof
  • 10-hour battery life
  • Cannot charge devices

It’s not hard these days to find a Bluetooth speaker with great sound, weatherproof and good battery life, but it probably won’t be cheap. That’s where the Creative Muvo Mini makes its move. For about 53 euros, this speaker has all these features.


2.-EU Boom – portable Bluetooth speaker

Description: A Bluetooth speaker full of surprises

Features: Weight: 500 grams – Battery life: 15 hours – Wireless range: 15 meters – Frequency response: 90Hz – 20kHz – Drivers: Two 1.5″ drivers and two passive 2″ radiators – NFC: Yes – Bluetooth: yes – AUX- in: Yes – USB charging: Yes – USB charging: Yes

  • Stunning style
  • Unmatched features
  • It’s too much up to the phone
  • 360-degree sound lacks something

There aren’t many Bluetooth speakers with so many features. It even has a companion app for Android and iOS. With it, you can customize your own equalizer and even share the sound with another Boom speaker to create a surround sound effect. It has hands-free.

3.-Bose SoundLink Color

Description: A vibrant Bluetooth speaker with stunning sound.

Features: Weight: 545 grams – Battery life: 8 hours – Wireless range: 10 meters – NFC: No – Aux-in: Yes – Bluetooth: Yes – Bluetooth Waterproofing: No – USB devices charging: No

  • Excellent curved design
  • Great sound
  • It lacks some features like NFC or USB charging.

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, Bose does a good job. But they’ve always lacked a relatively affordable option with great sound. The SoundLink Color has a good price and great sound. It is available in many colours, the sound is excellent, and the battery lasts a long time.


4.-Creative Labs Sound Blaster Roar SR20 – Bluetooth portable speaker

Description: Good design for a Bluetooth speaker with an interesting sound.

Features: Weight: 1.2kg – Battery life: 8 hours – Wireless range: 12 meters – Drivers: One 2.5″ driver, two 1.5″ drivers and two passive radiators – NFC: Yes – Aux-in: Yes – Bluetooth version: 3.0 – Waterproofing: No – USB device charging: Yes – Aux-in: Yes – Bluetooth version: 3.0 – Waterproofing: No – USB device charging: Yes

  • Stylish and novel design
  • Big basses and mids
  • It’s not the most powerful speaker.

The design of this model is excellent, and the truth is that it fits any part of the house well. This speaker is about the size of a hardcover book and can be placed perfectly on a shelf. The built-in internal microphone allows you to make or receive calls with ease. The Roar SR20 supports a microSD card, which you can use to record calls or listen to stored music.


5.-Bose SoundLink Bluetooth III – Bluetooth portable speaker

Description: Spectacular design and without the same sound to have such a small size.

Features: Weight: 1.37kg – Battery life: 14 hours – Wireless range: 9 meters – Drivers: Four speakers and two passive radiators – NFC: Yes – Aux-in: Yes – Bluetooth: Yes – Waterproofing: No

  • Stylish design
  • Spectacular Bass – Tremendous Power
  • You don’t have the apt-X codec.
  • It’s expensive.

If you have been surprised by other Bose speakers, this one is really spectacular, yes, its price is somewhat high. The sound power is outstanding, and its basses are the best you will find in this type of speakers.


6.- JBL Flip 2 –

Description: Spectacular design and without the same sound to have such a small size.

Features: Weight: 368 grams – Battery life: 5 hours – Wireless range: 12 meters – Frequency response:100Hz – 20KHz – Drivers: 2 40mm drivers – NFC: Yes – Aux-in: Yes – Bluetooth: Yes – Waterproofing: No

  • Design continues to attract attention.
  • Great sound for your size
  • Poor battery life

The JBL Flip 2 has taken all the good stuff from the original Flip and made it better, as well as improving the defects of the original. For a speaker that literally fits in your pocket, the sound is awesome. Although the cylindrical shape has become more common, the Flip JBL 2 is still quite eye-catching, and also provides great sound. Battery life remains the weakest aspect of the speaker, just 5 hours. It has hands-free.

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