Best Air Purifiers in India 2021

Best Air Purifiers in India

Do you need a good air purifier for your home? Do you want to find the best air purifier with HEPA filter? We will recommend the best options as a domestic air purifier, those friendly appliances that will make your allergy much better if you use them every day in your home. It would be best if you had an ambient purifier.

If you have a dog or cat at home (which also cause good allergies), or you have a dust allergy, or every year when spring comes you start to suffer allergy problems, these air purifiers will help you a lot.

And what if you live on a street with a lot of traffic and pollution? Or near a dump that releases bad smells? You need one without fail.

Thanks to them, you may no longer have so much snot, your eyes may no longer cry at home, you may no longer have to be coughing all night… you’re going to stop suffering. Your allergy and asthma are going to get better when you’re home.

The good thing about air purifiers is that they will help you control a large number of particles suspended in the air, small aggressors that are always present at home.

And since you spend a lot of time at home, especially in quarantine times, you might want to smile again without snot and sneezing… right?


What should be taken into account when buying a household air purifier?

Let’s summarize it in a few points:

  1. You don’t need to buy the most expensive air purifier on the market: you have to see what stay of your house you’re going to use it in and how many square meters it has. It is not the same to live in a huge villa as on a floor of 90 square meters.
  2. How many meters does the room where you’re going to use it have? This is the most important thing. You have to know how many square meters the room has. Some purifiers can clean the air of rooms of 30 square meters and others of much more, up to 80 or 100 square meters.
  3. How much power does the air purifier have? This parameter will tell us how quickly you will be able to clean your living room, room… More power faster. Also, in small rooms, the more power it has, the better it will clean up the dust from the environment if we increase the power.
  4. Can we move the room air purifier? If you’re going to want to clean dust and allergens several rooms, you’re going to have to buy a model that can be easily moved. The more air volume they can clean, the larger they will be, up to 60-70cm high. Come on; you’re going to see a lot. If you want to purify the air of a room well, the purifier will have to be located in it.
  5. What operating speed does it offer? Another important thing at night, being able to regulate its operating speed: we will get it to make less noise, and that bothers us less sleeping. But maybe we want a quick way if someone has left the windows open and all the pollen has entered through them…
  6. Bearable noise? Silent air purifiers? As a general rule, decibels should be between 30db (better, less power) and 50db (a little worse, more power), but it’s clear that it’s not the same to use an air purifier at night than to use it at night when we’re sleeping. And not everyone has the same noise sensitivity. You have to look very closely at the specifications.
  7. What types of filters does the purifier use? Super important. Depending on the filters you have, you will be able to catch certain particles. You have to look for he has HEPA filters. Wikipedia explains this very well «The most important factors to consider in a HEPA filter are the diameter of the fibres, the thickness of the filter and the speed of the particles. The space between the fibres is much larger than 0.3 m, but that does not mean that particles with a smaller diameter can pass. Unlike membrane filters, HEPA filters are prepared to retain contaminants and much smaller particles.” It would also be interesting if they had an active carbon layer to eliminate odours.
  8. Air purifier price? As soon as they have HEPA filters the price increases, but it’s for a good reason. They work best to trap all kinds of particles. That’s what you need. We assure you.
  9. An air purifier with an ionizer. Totally recommendable. And everyone’s up there. With this technology, they can trap more particles by ions and bring them down together to the ground.
  10. Sensors for automatic operation and programmer: that the purifier can assess the air quality of your home and depend on it is applied more or less in its cleaning. A programmer? To be able to tell him to turn off at a certain point. Very useful at night.
  11. Remote control or use of apps on smartphones: many models have a remote control. Lately, many have Wifi connectivity to connect to your smartphone and control all its parameters using an APP or with voice commands (Alexa).


What are the best air purifiers you can buy for home?

Air PurifierOpinion
Rowenta PU4020 Intense Pure AirThe best choice as an air purifier for a quality price. Up to 60 square meters.
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2HAn air purifier with high technology and very cheap. Up to 31 square meters. With App.
Levoit Air PurifierFor rooms between 10 and 20 square meters. Very manageable.
Pro BreezeAir purifier for small rooms of about 5 square meters. Very manageable.
Philips 2000 AC2887/10 SeriesPremium Air Purifier for rooms up to 78 square meters
Philips Ac3033/10A top-of-the-range air purifier with the latest technology for rooms up to 104 square meters. With App


1.-Rowenta PU4020 Intense Pure Air – The best choice as an air purifier for a quality price

  • Up to 60 square meters
  • 4 levels filtration: pre-filter (dust, human/animal hair), active carbon filter (smells, fumes), high-efficiency filter, Nano Captur filter to destroy formaldehyde
  • Noise: reaches 28 dB(A) at its minimum speed, and 52 dB(A) at its maximum speed
  • Night mode, timer, adjustable ambient light, filter change indicators. Equipped with 2 pollution sensors, a particle sensor and a gas sensor
  • Dimensions: 24.1 x 26.2 x 49 cm

A model that is an excellent price and that offers everything you are looking for in a good purifier. The best option for a quality price.

It automatically detects air quality and starts working accordingly, does not make much noise in its night mode, has 4 filtration levels: pre-filter, active carbon filter, high-efficiency filter and Nano Captur filter.

Each filter stays one thing inside:

  1. Pre-filter: captures dust, human and animal hair.
  2. Active carbon filter: retains odours, fumes and volatilely organic components (VOCs).
  3. High-Efficiency Filter: Captures the finest powder, dust mites and animal allergens.
  4. Nano Captur Filter, exclusive and patented. Destroy the formaldehyde.

It can clean rooms up to 60 square meters and takes approximately 12 minutes. You can see the noise in its most powerful modes.

  • If you need something more powerful and for larger rooms, you can opt for the Rowenta Intense Pure Air XL PU6020 (up to 120 square meters in 6 minutes), and if you need it to have wifi you have the Rowenta Intense Pure Air Connect XL PU6080 (140 m2) or the Rowenta Intense Pure Air Connect PU4080 (70 m2)

This is the table with the main differences between all:

Rowenta Intense Pure Air XL PU6020Rowenta Intense Pure Air PU4020Rowenta Intense Pure Air Connect XL PU6080Rowenta Intense Pure Air Connect PU4080
Room size120m260m2140m270m2
Air fluidity (m3/h)310150360180
Air filtered boost mode6min12min5min10min
Pollution level sensorsContaminated gas and particulate detectorContaminated particle detectorContaminated gas and particulate detectorContaminated particle detector
Modes4 speeds + two Auto Modes4 speeds + two Auto Modes4 modes: silence, auto day, auto night, boost4 modes: silence, auto day, auto night, boost
Indoor air qualityThrough 3 coloursThrough 3 colours3 colours + PM level and allergens in app + gas-particle indicator in-app3 colours + PM level and allergens in-app
Filter change indicatorYesYesYesYes
Noise level31-52 dB(A)25-45 dB(A)28-52 dB(A)22-45 dB(A)


2.-Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H: air purifier with high technology and very cheap

  • A smart air purifier with mobile app control
  • Idoneo for rooms up to 31m2
  • Air purifying capacity 260m3/h
  • Eliminates 99.97% of particles under 0.3 microns thanks to its actual HEPA filters
  • Dimensions: 520 x 240 x 240 mm

A compelling model, perfect for rooms of about 30 square meters and with good HEPA filters… and mobile connectivity! For the price you have, you can’t ask for more.

Its HEPA filters are divided into 3 layers:

  • The first layer filters out large particles as well as hair and dust.
  • The second layer is an H13 grade HEPA filter that traps particles 0.3 m in diameter or higher, including PM 2.5, smoke particles, pet dandruff, pollen and even pathogenic bacteria.
  • The third layer is made of high-quality active carbon to absorb formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals and even eliminate odour.

You can also control it with Voice Alexa or Google Assistant. Its 360o design is spectacular and can clean everything in about 11 minutes. Noise is imperceptible in its normal modes. At full speed, it reaches 62 dB.

  • If you need to clean the air from larger rooms, you have the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro model (up to 60m2 and with display screen). If you want the latest model, which is somewhat more expensive, you can also get it: Xiaomi Air Purifier 3H (better particle flow and power and ability to clean rooms between 28 m2 and 48 m2).

3.-Levoit Air Purifier for rooms between 10 and 20 square meters

  • Up to 20 m2
  • With high-efficiency HEPA filter that filters 99.97% fine particles of dust, pollen, flower dust, mites and PM 2 air pollution. 5.
  • 25 dB noise level
  • Blue night light with 2 brightness settings creates a pleasant sleeping environment.
  • 3 power levels (low/medium/high)
  • Dimensions: 32x20cm

Just need to clean the air of a room of 20 square meters? This model is perfect for you. And it costs less than 100 euros.

Best of all, it’s minimal, and you can take it to any room without much trouble or effort.

And the level of decibels is laughable, only 25dB. It’s tranquil. Perfect for taking you to your room and sleep with it in its least powerful mode.

That said, it is advisable not to force it much: it will better clean a room of about 10 square meters. It’s effortless. It has no programmer.


4.-Pro Breeze Air Purifier for Small Rooms

  • Up to 5 square meters
  • Compact and minimalist design
  • Capture up to 99.97% of airborne particles, dust, pollen, smoke, odour mould and pet dandruff with a preFilter, a true HEPA filter, and an active carbon filter
  • Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 22 cm

What if you only need a cheap little one for very, very small rooms? This model is perfect: you can clean the air of rooms of only 5 square meters. And you can take it everywhere.

It has a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an active carbon filter. It has two power modes and filter change indicator.

It is quiet, and the manufacturing quality is excellent. It’s really small. The LED is always on and gives enough light, something bad for at night.


5.-Philips 2000 AC2887/10 Series – Premium Air Purifier

  • Detects harmful particles even smaller than PM2.5
  • Automatically controls, reacts and purifies the air
  • 3 automatic modes: general, for allergens and bacteria and viruses
  • It has a clean air distribution rate of up to 333 m3/hour
  • Low noise in sleep mode (20.5 dB)

If you don’t mind spending a little more money, Philips models are the ones you have to buy.

This one, in particular, can purify the air up to 78 square meters, informs you of the air quality, is really quiet and has 3 automatic purification settings: a General mode, an extra-sensitive mode for allergens and a powerful mode for viruses and bacteria.

It’s fast and powerful, and its only drawback is its high price. However, it’s a good way to get into Philips’ range of air purifiers.

  • If you need something more powerful, you can opt for the Philips 3000 AC3256/10 Series – room air purifier up to 95 m2 (33 dB).


6.-Philips Ac3033/10 – Top-of-the-range air purifier with the latest technology

  • Room size: up to 104 square meters
  • Eliminates 99.97% of allergens in the air
  • Screen showing real-time air quality
  • 4-color display ring
  • Smart filter status indicator
  • Track, monitor and control with the smartphone app
  • Silent operation
  • Dimensions: 645 x 290 x 290mm

And we left this Philips model for the end not because it’s bad; it’s not. It’s perfect… but it’s very, very expensive.

It will also be able to clean rooms over 100 square meters, so it is perfect for chalets or large floors. Have a mobile app and all Philips technology to clean every inch of your home air.

At night in silent mode, it is perfect for sleeping. It can clean the air of a room of 20 m2 in less than 8 minutes. And they even advertise that it filters out viruses such as H1N1 or bacteria (up to just 3nm).

Totally recommended if you want the best of the best and don’t care to spend a little more money.

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