Best 8k TV in India 2021

Best 8k TV in India

How we’re telling you. You can now prepare your pocket: we already have TVs with 8K resolution by 2020. Samsung, Sony and LG have already introduced a few models with 4K resolution that are worthwhile, which are still a bit expensive… and there’s no 8K content to watch in them. Do we recommend your purchase? Of course not. Wait a couple of years, and their prices will go down to the current TVs.

The question then is this: Why do I want an 8K TV in my living room if there is no streaming content to put them? To “freak out” with friends? Such TVs use content rescue techniques to display 4K 8K content and make it look good. Translated: You can view 4k content as if it had 8K resolution.

Also, the arrival of HDMI 2.1, which allows the transfer of 8K content from video games, may make these models a purchase with a future. It will depend a lot on how long it normally takes you to switch TVs. Do they last you 10 years? Share an 8K TV… do you switch T-shirts? Could you not buy it?

If you buy an 8K TV right now, you’ll be one of the first to have it in your living room. In 2-3 years, it will be the usual resolution. For the price of an 8K TV right now you can buy a TV in 4K very, very good. Keep that in mind.

If you still want to buy an 8K TV, we recommend 3 models: Samsung Q950TS QLED, Sony Z9G 8K TV and LG Z9 8K OLED.

  • 8K resolution is equivalent to 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, with a total of 33 million pixels.
  • The price of 8K TVs is very high right now.
  • No 8K content yet and everything works with scaling 4K content.


What are the best 8K TV in India 2021?

1.-Samsung Q950TS QLED 8K TV

  • Infinity display: almost invisible frame. 99% screen
  • Real 8K resolution with 33 million pixels and 100% Color volume
  • QLED TV with a Quantum dot: Plays 100% of the Color Volume with any brightness level.
  • 8K Artificial Intelligence to transform and improve sound and image quality regardless of source
  • Direct Full Array Elite HDR 4000: with a brightness of up to 4000 nits
  • Ultra Viewing Angle: The purity and intensity of colours are maintained from any angle.
  • With Premium One Remote and Real Game Enhancer+
  • Voice Assistant: Alexa, Google
  • Ultra Black – Anti-Glare Screen
  • OTS (Object Tracking Sound): with 6 speakers and Artificial Intelligence
  • Active Voice Amplifier (AVA): The TV adjusts the volume and clarity of the dialogues when it detects constant noise around it.

Samsung’s Premium 8K model. There’s nothing better right now. The TV Samsung wants you to buy for its impressive features. Upscaling 4K to 8K is very good, making 4K content look better than on a 4K TV. It is available in 65″, 75″ and 85″.

And the sound accompanies although it still does not impress taking into account the high price of the TV. You’ll still need a good soundbar or Home Cinema equipment to make the most of the sound of your favourite movies.

Edges? You can hardly see them, something that catches a lot of attention. The design is really spectacular.

The bad? They forget to include Dolby Vision, and it’s costly, though not as expensive as the next two models. Positive? The image quality is tremendous, and the image rescaling spectacular.


2.-Sony ZG9 8K Television

  • X1 Ultimate Image Processor
  • Backlight Master Drive: Full-Array LED backlight technology
  • 8K X-tended Dynamic Range PRO: Reveals the details of lights and shadows.
  • With Acoustic Multi-Audio system that includes four front speakers that offer authentic sound.
  • X-Wide Angle: Vivid colours from any viewing angle
  • With Dolby Vision

Its 3,600 nits make any image that shows this TV excellent. We’re also going to use it by upscaling 4K content (and it does it really well). HDR images are spectacular. It is available in 85″ and 98″.

It only has an HDMI 2.1 port, and you can see some backlights that make it stay in the second position. Its price is too high.


3.-LG Z9 8K

  • LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K TV, the first OLED 8K.
  • 14-Bit Intelligent Processor 9 Gen. 2 with Integrated Deep Learning: Optimized Quality with AI Image and AI Sound
  • Smart TV webOS 4.5 the easiest, fastest and safest
  • With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • The only TV compatible with 100% HDR formats (HDR Dolby Vision, Technicolor, HDR10, HLG and HDR Converter)
  • Dolby Atmos Sound: 360o full surround sound experience as in cinema (60W)

Do you want an OLED TV with 8K resolution? You have to buy this model from LG. What is the problem with this model? Its price is exorbitant. It’s not worth taking over.

It is only available in 88″, cannot be placed on the wall and does not support HDR10+. On the other hand, if you have Dolby Vision and Atmos and the sound is from another planet.

Historic 8K TV models

Sharp Aquos LV70X500E

Sharp released a TV with a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels on a 70-inch LCD TV in April 2018. Reason? Prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

This is the 70″ Aquos 8K TV. And having an 8K resolution means it’s 16 times the resolution of your TV in Full HD. And pixels may not do us much good unless we’re sitting very close, but the presence of HDR can be an incentive to buy this TV (Dolby Vision HDR and BDA-HDR).

Is it a problem? As was the case with 4K a few years ago (and also now in many countries), it is the lack of content with this tremendous resolution, although it seems that Japan’s NHK network is already thinking about it with the views set at the Olympic Games.


Samsung  8K QLED TV Q900

This Samsung TV also doesn’t fall short of the price; It will have 85″ and an 8K resolution (7,680 x 4,320px).

It obviously has all the technological advances of the Korean company:

  • Q HDR 8K
  • Quantum Processor 8K
  • Ultra Black Elite
  • Smart sound
  • 8K AI Upscaling to turn 4K content into 8K

It looks spectacular, but it’s only intended for a few who want to try new technologies and have enough money in your pocket for this kind of novelty.

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